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high voltage dc generator 20kv 470pf

high voltage dc generator 20kv 470pf

Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor 20kv 151pf FEATURES: 1 Original Factory Sealed 2 Considerable Range of Capacitors, Resistor, Transistors,...
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  • high voltage dc generator 20kv 470pf
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Product Description

Radial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor 20kv 151pf


1 Original Factory Sealed

2 Considerable Range of Capacitors, Resistor, Transistors, Inductors, Beads, Mosfet, Diodes, Mosfet, NTC, Varistor, Ferrite Chips and Beads and other semiconductors

3 Competitive Prices

4 Products Quality is Guaranteed

These series connected disc capacitors have been developed for use in low power voltage multipliers for high voltage DC generators. These devices find their major application in the manufacture of voltage multipliers for electrostatic paint spraying equipment and their compact form lends itself to their incorporation in hand held electrostatic spray guns.

A number of capacitors are assembled together intermediate fittings which allow the connection of diodes to be made. Output voltages in excess of 100kVDC can be produced depending on the number of stages.

Voltage ratings of individual discs range from 8 to 1 5kVDC assuming that the quality of encapsulation by the user is sufficient to prevent external breakdown.

A variety of intermediate metal fittings are available and the number of individual capacitors in each stack can be varied to meet customers requirements up to a maximum of 12.


The company's ceramic screw type capacitors are mainly used for X-ray machine/X-ray equipment, laser, detection equipment, transformer, fly back transformer, ignition, high voltage generator, anion products, electric batons, voltage multiplying module, electric equipment and small home appliance products, etc. Alias: ceramic capacitor, ceramic disc capacitor, disc ceramic capacitor, high voltage capacitor, high voltage ceramic capacitor, high voltage ceramic disc capacitor, FBT capacitor, X ray machine capacitor, capacitor for detection equipment.

*Standard Ratings:


Part Number

No.of discs in series

rated voltage



Dimension (mm)

C (pF)















(1) During transportation and storage

• Do not transport or store where the capacitor will be exposed to high temperature or high humidity.

• Do not expose to poisonous gases such as H2SO4, HCL or HNO3.

• Avoid excessive impact such as that caused by falling.

(2) During operation

• Avoid contact electrolytes such as perspiration. Do not touch bare hands.

• Avoid excessive impact such as that caused by falling.

• Do not apply solder to stud terminals.

• Do not re-machine the terminals.

(3) Usage

• When the capacitor is used for high-speed pulses such as a laser, make sure that the impressed voltage (peak-to-peak volt-age) is in the capacitor’s rated specifications.

• Make sure that the capacitor is not exposed to radiant heat from chambers or transformers.

Full series of ceramic disc capacitors Rated Voltage: 2KV, 3KV, 6KV, 10KV, 15KV, 20KV, 30KV, 40KV

Nominal Capacitance: 10PF~10000PF

Our qualification of ceramic capacitors:

Series products of our company

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

CT81 High Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitor

CT8G High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor

CT813 Stack Type Ceramic Capacitor

CT86-A/B Live Line Capacitor

High Power Plate Ceramic Capacitor

X, Y Safety Capacitor

Motor Start Capacitor

Film Capacitor

Packing of ceramic capacitors:

How to order:

If you wanna buy capacitors, please send the inquiry to me, I will reply you in quickly and I can give you the most concessional price, thank you.

In order to help you get the exact model, please offer the following necessary info.:

1.Type of the ceramic capacitor: ___________ (MZA/MZB/MZC/MZD/MZG//MZS/MZP)

2. Material : ___________ (NP0/SL/N4700/Y5T/Y5U/Y5V)

3. The rated voltage of ceramic capacitor _____V DC or __________V AC

4. capacitance value__________ PF

5. Diameter of ceramic capacitor : boby size : ________ ; and the lead spacing _______

Favourable comment of china ac capacitor:


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