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microwave irradiation of preparation of activated carbon

microwave irradiation of preparation of activated carbon

microwave furnace II.Materials to be processed in microwave furnace: Ceramics and metal heat treatment, brazing, hardening, annealing,...
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  • microwave irradiation of preparation of activated carbon
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Product Description

microwave furnace

II.Materials to be processed in microwave furnace:

Ceramics and metal heat treatment, brazing, hardening, annealing, sintering, and debinding in atmosphere, protective gas, or vacuum. Systems for batch or continuous operation.

Batch and continuous microwave systems for applications in drying and sterilizing of bulk materials, insulation materials, pharmaceutical products, technical ceramics and natural produce. Other applications include hardening of plastics, debinding and sintering units for ceramics and sintered metals, as well as flow heaters.

III.Application range

Microwave Annealing
Microwave Ashing
Microwave Carbonization
Microwave Catalysis
Microwave Calcination
Microwave Ceramic Injection Moulding
Microwave Crystal Growth
Microwave Curing
Microwave Drying
Microwave Metal Injection Moulding
Microwave Nitridation
Microwave Pyrolysis
Microwave Siliconization
Microwave Sintering
Microwave Sulfonation
Microwave Vacuum Brazing
Microwave Vacuum Soldering
Microwave Wax Burns-out;

IV.Our main products list:

900C Microwave Graphite and Graphene Expansion Furnace

1200C Microwave Muffle Furnace

1600C Microwave High Temperature Muffle Furnace

1200C Microwave Tube Furnace

1600C Microwave High Temperature Tube Furnace

1200C Microwave Atmosphere Lab Furnace

1600C Microwave Atmosphere Lab Furnace

1600C Microwave Atmosphere Sintering Furnace

1600C Microwave Vacuum Sintering Furnace

1200C Microwave Pyrolysis Furnace

1600C Microwave Atmosphere Pusher Kiln

1600C Microwave Zirconia Denture Sintering Furnace


1)What kind of material do you need to be heated ? We need to know the property

of your material, moisture content, the chemical composition, any volatile composition?

2)How much volume required to process per batch? We have different size for choice,






customized furnace is available.

3)Do you have any requirements about crucible?

The material of crucible adopted by us:SiC, SiC + corumdum mullite; SiO;

4)What the highest temperature you need up to?


5)Do you have requirements on atmosphere?

We can provide: air atmosphere, reducing atmosphere,inert atmosphere,

inlet N2 atmosphere, vacuum atmosphere, etc;

6) The average heating rate:30~40C per minute.

7) Guarantee:

12 months, exlusive the consumable material, thermal material, crusibles,

sagger; Technological support for whole lifetime,

VI.Langfeng Benefits:

What is the advantage of using microwave unit? Is there any differences between the conventional external heating system?

There are some special characteristics of microwave heating compare to the conventional heating.

The following are the Characteristics of microwave heating.

Internal Heating

High-speed Heating, Selection Heating

High Heating efficiency, Quick Response and Temperature Control

Uniform Heating, Clean Energy

Good working environment and Operability

Is it possible to do a sample test before installation?

Yes, certainly is possible.

There are Batch Type Heating Apparatus(Microwave Oven)

Please contact us first, to tell us your needs and requests.

What is the difference between other brand's product?

Water-cooled magnetron protected from reflected microwave powder;

Microwave cavity entirely made of stainless steel;

Different sizes and materials of crucibles for selection;

Safety interlocks switches to max prevent microwave leakage door open;

Working temperature range from 600-1700C;

Data are collected and saved every minute.

Self-researched microwave high temperature refractory material to max imporve

its wave permeability and strength, and to max avoid heat loss.

VII.Our Package:

VIII. Clients visit:

contact us

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