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small italy pasta production line manufacturer

small italy pasta production line manufacturer

Product Description I taly pasta production line Using potato starch as raw material, after extruding, curing, extrusion were cut off from the...
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Product Description

Product Description

Italy pasta production line

Using potato starch as raw material, after extruding, curing, extrusion were cut off from the mold.Produce shell, screw, square tube, round tube novel desitys’ product. After dry fried puffing again, becomes a Crispycious, cious . With flour as raw material, not directly by the dry fried is the hot pizza rolls, intestine on the market at present.

I. Technological process: raw material preparation, stir, extrusion, cooling, drying and fried, tranLDort, ascend, seasoning (packaging).

II.Equipment composition:

1. Flour mixer:choose different models according to the different production Capacity, it suits for mixing all kinds of flour; durable and easy to be operated.

2. Screw conveyor: The materials is conveyed in a sealed stainless steel.

3. Single screw extrusion machinery: according to the different varieties of products to choose different LLDes of extrusion host, according to configuration of the production line is commonly used to form a complete set of the production line, the line choose single screw host;

4. very cut-off machinery:very,cut off

5. Cooling machinery of the wind bed:used for rapid cooling blowing cadres to distribute sticky, stick together

6. Hot air drying oven :used to dry products

III Main character:

1. This production line is reasonable desity, high degree of automation, accurate parameter control.

2. Adopts advanced frequency control of motor speed Technology, make the equipment run more smoothly and save electricity.

3. Screw using alloy steel nitriding treatment, screw LD life.

4. Forced lubrication system to guarantee the part equipment transmission with a LD life.

5. More intuitive visual automatic temperature control system, temperature control, parameter more accurate.

IV. Technological parameters:



Power voLDage


installed Capacity


Main motor


production Capacity




V. Capacity: 15kg/h;30-40kg/h;50-60kg/h;80-100kg/h,260kg/h;400-500kg/h;600-800kg/h etc.

VI. Popular shape :

VII. The features of the snack equipment

a. The screw is made of alloy (38CrMoAL) by nitriding process, high strength and wear-resting. And it as good selfcleaning ability and does not need to discharge or clean the barrel and screw, when roasting or replacing of materials.

b. It adopts speedadjusted converter on feeding system, extrusion system and cutting system. Food grade stainless steel twin screw feeding machinery guarantees stable materials feeding in the whole food process.

c.The gearbox has automatic lubrication function, with extends gear life.

d. Radiator is increased on driving part for forced cooling effect, and it ensures extruder operate safely.

e. Barrel with watercooled circulation, it makes extruder can be used not only for corn/rice, also for wheat flour/starch which are raw materials with high viscosity. Through different moisture- extrusion temperature ratio, it can make whole- expanded and half xpanded as different LLDe of products.

f. Cutting knife fixed in the die head seat, rotary cutting by V-belt drive.

Company Information

Shandong LD and Equipment Co., LDd.

onthe whole process of material selection, desity, manufacturing, testing, installing and tranLDorting for customers with the best quality products and popular price; Our main products involve food extruder machinerys, microwave roasting & sterilization equipments and related LDare parts supplying, can supply individual machinery and the complete lines which are been desityed by factory or custom themselves; Last year, the plant is been enlarged from past 2000 square meters to present 10000 square meters because of the production and demand increasing exponentially; We possess outstanding engineer technicians and product R&D personnel all with experience more 10 years and well-trained workers, forming a powerful technical support system for the quality ; Sincerely welcome friends and clients all over the worldto come to my factory visit and inLDection.

small italy pasta production line manufacturersmall italy pasta production line manufacturer

Packaging & Shipping

Pack: Plastic film and wooden case, the main parts by wooden case; or according to your suggestion.


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(A. The demand for worldCapacity per hour? B. how’s product shape and size you want ? C. What’s raw materials could you introduce? )

2.What’s the heating source for drying oven you like ?

(electric, gas, oil or others ? )

3.Are you manufacturer or middle man ?

(we are manufacturer 100%, welcome u to visit us at any time, we produce puffed food make machinery, microwave drying sterilization machinery and other related food procession machinerys etc. = 15066251398, = evaw1008 )

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5.What’s kind prompt service could can provide ?

(We promise to reply u within 24 hours for any inquiry and question. For contacting, we leave u ile no., address and online takeing tool for urgent problem; there is experienced engineers and workers for installation and instruction if u buy from us, also provide online video instruction.)

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(Around 35LDs after the deposit but should be confirmed in advanced; Payment by T/T, D/P, L/C, Moneygram, Westunion is worable, but always 30% in advance.)

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