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anionic polyelectrolyte flocculant for mud drying sludge dehydrating

anionic polyelectrolyte flocculant for mud drying sludge dehydrating

Anionic Polyelectrolyte Product Description: Anionic Polyelectrolyte serious products are water-soluble liner polymers synthesized under high degree...
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  • anionic polyelectrolyte flocculant for mud drying sludge dehydrating
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Product Description

Anionic Polyelectrolyte

Product Description:

Anionic Polyelectrolyte serious products are water-soluble liner polymers synthesized under high degree polymerization, easily soluble in water, almost insoluble in benzene, ether, aliphatics, acetone and other commom organic solvents. At the meantime, APAM series products also have valuable properties like flocculation, thickening, shear property, drag-reduction and dispersibility. Thus widely used in oil recovery, mineral processing, coal washing, metallurgy, chemicals, paper, textile, sugar, medicine, environmental protection, building materials, agriculture and other industries.

Main Application:

Oil-displacing agent of oil field tertiary oil recovery:It can adjust the rheology of filled water, increase the viscosity of driving liquid, improve water drive wave and efficiency, lower water phase permeability in ground layer, and enable water and oil to flow forward at even speed. Its effect is that it is mainly used in tertiary oil recovery of oil fields in the aspect oil production, and raw oil of about 100 to 150ton more can be produced through filling the macromolecule polymer product one ton.

Well drilling mud raw materials:in oil field exploration and development and exploration of geology, water and coal, it is used as adhesive of well drilling mud raw materials, can improve the service life of drill bits, improve the drill speed and drilling footage, and reduce plug in replacing drill, and has prominent well slough preventing effect, and it can be used as fracturing fluid of oil fields or plugging agent of controlling profile and plugging water.

Industrial Waste Water Treatment:It has the best effect in particular in processing sewage water with suspended particulate, thicker size, high concentration, positive charge particle, neutral or alkalescence water PH value, waste water of iron and steel plants, waste water of electroplating factory, metallurgy waste water, coal washing waste water and other waste water.

Drinking Water Treatment: Water sources of many tap water factories in China come from rivers, the sand and mineral contents are higher, water is muddy, the water still can not achieve demands although passing through sedimentation and filtration, and flocculating agent needs adding; however huge adding amount generates increased mud amount and bad effect. The adding amount is only 1/50 of inorganic flocculating agent if anionic-polymer is adopted as flocculating agent, but the effect is several times better than the organic flocculating agent, and even dozens of times. If the river water with severe organic matter pollution can be matched with anionic-polymer for use, the effect will be better.

Paper-making adhesive: The product can be used as fining agent, residency agent, filtration aid and paper dry and wet intensity reinforcing agent in paper-making industry.

In agricultural: used as soils gel, mud stabilizer, soil conditioner.

Used in textile, carpet industry sizing, cement quick- setting, synthetic resin coating:

Processing oil recovery in oil refinery, water treatment plant:

Photosensitive polymer, adhesive agent, dispersing agent:

Additives and adhesives in aquatic product feedstuff:

Clarifying agent in sugar refining industry:


Anionic Polyelectrolyte (25kg/bag, 500kg/bag, 1000kg/bag) is packed in two-layer bag with plastic bag for inner packaging, woven bag for external packaging or according to customers’ requires. Each 20ft container can load 20tons, with pallet can load 18 tons; Each 40ft container can load 26 tons either with pallet or not.

Storage, Transportation &Cautions:

This product is non-toxic in normal use conditions, no stimulation of the skin, stored in the ventilation

and dry place, to prevent moisture.Avoid heat, humidity, Number of pile layer: less than 20, shelf life: 2 years

Notes and Caution/attention:

1, the operator should wear protective equipment, skin contact, or water wash.

2, using the on-site, usually rinsed with water to prevent slipping injuries.

3, this series should seal kept in a cool dry place.

Chemical Indices:


Molecular weight (106)


Solid Content


Residual Monomers












































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