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beef jerky dehydrator

beef jerky dehydrator

Product Description What is Microwave drying Technology ? Microwave drying Technology is one kind of newly drying Technology with high efficiency, Enerable saving,...
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Product Description

Product Description

What is Microwave drying Technology ?

Microwave drying Technology is one kind of newly drying Technology with high efficiency, Enerable saving, environmental friendly, safety, uniform heating, easy operation and has bactericidal function. It is widely used for drying and sterilizing for food, chemical, builting material, ceramics, medicine, seasonings and agriculture byproducts.

What is the the industrial application of microwave drying?

Food industry: the grain insecticide,the heating ,sterilization ,puffing, unfreezing, and rapid drying of such foods :seasoning,meat products,dairy products,instant foods,puffed food,tea,agriculture byproducts(such as :rose,bamboo shoot, ficus carica,dried fruit etc),vegetable products,roasted seeds and nuts,aquatic product and other special foods
Chemical industry:Inorganic chemical raw materials,powder,High polymer material,chemical fertilize,pesticide,Inorganic coating;green petroleum coke,the heating and drying of the rubber products,sulfidizing,high sintering,
Wood apparatus:wood furniture, wood accessories, wood LDorts equipment,wood musical instrument,the rapid drying, water balance and solidification of the solid wood floor.
Hanfang pharmaceutical:the heating ,drying and sterilization of rare medicinal materials,chinese herbal granule,pill,spices,traditional chinese medicinal materials, medicinal powder,extracts of traditional Chinese medicine
Other industry:laboratory equipment,the heating and solidification color of the paper tube, textile,fiber ;the drying of the artificial marble,the desiccation and solidification of the ceramic,microwave sintering,refuse diLDosal etc.

What is the advantage of the microwave extraction?

Microwave extraction has been used in many herbal extraction production lines, such as kudzu, tea, silver leaf and licorice.Microwave assisted extraction has been listed as one of China's 21st century food processing and pharmaceutical modernization promotion techniques.Compared with the usual extraction method, the extraction time was only 3 minutes and reduced by 20~100 times.

what is the feature of microwave dryingh machinery?

Uniform heating:Conventional heating ,such as :frame,hot wind,electric heating, steam,all use the heat conduction theory to transferthe heat from outside to the interior, gradually increasing the center temperature of the object, which is called external heating.It will take some time to make the central part to reach the desired temperature.the heat conduction poor object will need more time to heat,meanwhile, it is easy to produce the phenomenon that the outer is dry but the inner is wet.Microwave heating is a innovative Technology that makes the heating objects to be a heat source and heats outer and inner at the same time,which is called integral heating mode. Owing the microwave heating doesn’t need the heat conduction process, it can heat uniformly in a short time.
Enerable-efficiency:Microwave has different effects on different substances.Substances containing polar molecules absorb microwave Enerable easily.Materials that do not contain polar molecules absorb less microwaves. When using microwave heated,the heated materials are usually put in a heated chamber that is made of metal.owing the heating chamber is a closed caviLD ,the microwave couldn’t leak but to absorb by the heating articles.
Easy control:The instant heating and termination can be achieved as long as the microwave power is controlled.The programmable automatic control of heating process and heating process specification can be carried out by using man-machinery interface and paint.
safety and environment protection:Usually microwave Enerable can work in the sealed metal heating chamber and waveguide tube,so the Enerable leakage is minimal.the microwave equipment our company manufactured adopts advanced Technology and Sophisticated processing, so microwave leakage of the inlet and outlet, observation window and furnace door is minimal and much higher than the national security standard.meanwhile, microwave is a quite safety newly- Technology,meanwhile, has no radiation hazard and emission of harmful gases.

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