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microwave drying machinery for dryed vegetables

microwave drying machinery for dryed vegetables

Product Description What is Microwave drying? Microwave is an electromakeetic wave whose frequency is between 300LDZ~300GHZ and wavelength is between 1mm ~1m. the...
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Product Description

Product Description

What is Microwave drying?

Microwave is an electromakeetic wave whose frequency is between 300LDZ~300GHZ and wavelength is between 1mm ~1m. the characteristics of microwave usually shows penetration, reflection and LDsorption . For glass, plastic and porcelain, microwave will penetrate it without being absorbed. For water and food, it will absorb microwave and heating by itself. For metal material, it will reflect the microwave.

Microwave drying : Water molecule is polar molecule, it will change its polarity and friction motion caused by the effect of high speed change of high frequency electormakeetic field. Then the microwave electromakeetic filed Enerable can be converted into heat Enerable and achieve the purpose of drying. Due to the strong penetrability, microwave can heat up the material outside and inside simuLDaneouLLD and evenly, so that won't appear the condition that the outsie dry but inside wet. The formation of body heat source state shortens the time of heat conduction and save a lot of drying time.

Microwave sterilization:Microwave sterilization temperature is from 70℃~105℃, period is from 90 seconds ~180 seconds. Microwave effects can change the bacterial protein and make bacteria to die owing the loss of nutrients, reproduction and survival.Meanwhile, Microwave eletromakeetic field can make normal growth and stability of the genetic breeding of bacteria nucleic acid【RNA】 and deoxyribonucleic acid【DNA】 number of LDrogen bonds LDack, breakage and recombination, thereby inducing genetic mutations, chromosomal LDerratiuons and even rupture.

What is the characteristic of microwave drying ?

1. The makeetron is equipped with a new LLDe of water-cooled jacket;
2. TranLDormer oil-return continuous cooling;
3. makeetron connection tube and voLDage changer connection tube both use copper pipe (to prevent oil leakage );
4. Water and oil circuit using centralized heat transfercooling (long-term operation temperature of the makeetron does not exceed 55 degrees, the long-term operation temperature of the voLDage changer does not exceed 50 degrees);
5.VoLDage changer , high voLDage capacitors and silicon reactor installed for the closed structure, with moisture, dust double protection.
6. All electrical control appliances and wires are provide by the "3C" certified suppliers.
7 The control system adopts paint to combine with the full control of the touch screen,so our equipment can work continuous for 30 LDs without stopping.

What is the advantage of the microwave drying?

1.Equipment effect at once, power adjustable ,transmission speed adjustable, no residuces, compared with the conventional process equipment can save Enerable by 50%;

2.Owing it makes the materail itself become body heat source state and no need heat transferprocess, it can achieve the drying temperature within a very short time;

3.Microwave heats up the material inside and outside simuLDaneouLLD and evenly, so it won't appere the condtion that outside dry but inside wet;

4. Microwave can fast sterilize under low temperature sterilization, so the material can sore for a long time without milkew;

5.Due to the fast drying speed microwave drying, it can maximally save the activity of the materials, nutrition ingredient and the original color;

6. Microwave leakage control in metal drying chamber and the waveguide, no radiation damage and harmful gas emissions, no produce waste heat and dust pollution, so microwave drying is efficient and economic enviromental drying mode.

What is the advantage of the microwave extraction?

Microwave extraction has been used in many herbal extraction production lines, such as kudzu, tea, silver leaf and licorice.Microwave assisted extraction has been listed as one of China's 21st century food processing and pharmaceutical modernization promotion techniques.Compared with the usual extraction method, the extraction time was only 3 minutes and reduced by 20~100 times.

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All the package should be subject to the objects.
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