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Paper Board Microwave Dryer Equipment

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Microwave has a strong penetrating power to paperboard. It is practical to show that the application of microwave drying in paperboard production is not only faster than conventional processes, but also has low energy consumption and high product quality. Massalfa specializes in the production of microwave drying equipment - microwave board, Paper Board Microwave Dryer Equipment for thick planks, wood chips, gray board, corrugated board, paper products, paper tubes, honeycomb paperboard, environmentally friendly paper bowls, packaging boxes and other fast drying. The equipment is a "large opening" tunnel drying equipment specially designed for a variety of plates. The width of the equipment is tailored to the material size.

Microwave cardboard drying equipment features:

1. The microwave drying speed is fast and the efficiency is high; the cardboard is evenly dried, flat and small.

2, the glue is firm, the water resistance and pressure resistance are greatly improved.

3, high efficiency and energy saving, compared with far infrared drying, the drying time is shortened by 2/3, and the power consumption is saved by 1/3.

4. The microwave drying process has a strong bactericidal function, which greatly improves the anti-mildew ability of the cardboard and prolongs the storage period.

5, easy to operate, save manpower, small footprint; safe and sanitary, bad insurance, no noise, no pollution.

Cardboard microwave drying equipment is a new type of industrial microwave equipment. This equipment is used for drying simple and convenient paper products. The use of microwave paper products drying equipment to dry paper products has become an indispensable technology for modern paper products processing industry.

When the cardboard manufacturer processes the paperboard, it needs to be glued. The glue has a relatively large moisture content. Therefore, the processed cardboard should be dried and dehydrated. Since the thermal conductivity of paper products and wood pulp products is poor, and the surface moisture cannot be eliminated too quickly, uncontrollable stress will be generated. The conventional oven treatment is very long due to heat conduction heating.

The size of the microwave drying equipment can be customized according to the output. Our company can provide the prototype to do the heating, drying, curing, dehydration, sterilization and other tests of various materials, and provide one-stop technical service in combination with the actual needs of users. Welcome new and old friends to send Investigate materials and bring materials to discuss and cooperate.

Microwave drying machine for cylinder paper

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Paper tube industrial microwave dryer machine

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