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Microwave Heating and Thawing Equipment

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Microwave Heating and Thawing Equipment is the use of polar molecular vibration to generate elastic collision with surrounding molecules, frictional heat generation, and its heating method is generated from the inside of the product material. The use of this method to warm the defrosted food has low production cost, high efficiency, and no bacterial growth of the product. The advantage of small footprint is unmatched by other processes.

The main features of microwave thawing:
Since the microwave can be directly heated inside the material and does not require a conduction process, it takes only 2 minutes for a piece of meat in 25 kilograms to rise from -15 degrees to -4 degrees, and the thawing time is changed to "time". "Minute" timing.
2, save investment, environmental protection and no pollution
It saves a large amount of shelves and floor space required for natural thawing, can be thawed in the package, reduces the requirements for the sanitary environment, and avoids the water resources wasted during the hydrolysis. For example, in a beef jerky processing plant, there are 8 self-prepared wells, which can be pumped from the ground for 24 hours before being used in the thawing workshop. This is a waste of water resources. The oleaginous sewage formed after thawing adds a burden to the sewage treatment and causes loss of oil and fat materials.
3. Ensure the nutrition of the materials and no corruption.
Because the microwave is thawed before the refrigeration processing process, the bacteria in the processing process are greatly proliferated and the material is thawed, and the meat loss rate is reduced. In the microwave thawing process, since 915MHZ has a longer wavelength than 2450MHZ, its penetrating ability is stronger, and it is more suitable for processing large pieces of food materials, and the frequency is more suitable for the thawing process.
The application of microwave thawing and thermostating equipment in foreign food enterprises has become very common. Food enterprises that are developing rapidly in China are gradually being used. With the rapid development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, food quality requirements as food safety. The protection has become the focus of the people's general concern. At the same time, the requirements of environment and resources do not allow extensive processing methods. Therefore, the traditional thawing method is far from being able to meet the development requirements of modern food processing enterprises.
In order to meet the needs of China's food processing enterprises, through continuous research and exploration, we have developed a domestically advanced microwave thawing and regenerative equipment.

The microwave working frequency is 915MHZ, and the power output is above 20kw-200kw, which can fully meet the quality of different manufacturers. Production requirements. Compared with foreign microwave equipment, it has the advantages of less investment and convenient operation and maintenance;
Compared with the traditional thawing method, it has the advantages of low investment, high efficiency, low operating cost, high product quality and convenient control and operation. Microwave thawing is the first choice for food processing enterprises to thaw, and it is also the development direction of China's food thawing process.
All frozen products are frozen, including aquatic products, fish, poultry, agricultural products and so on. The microwave thawing equipment can greatly shorten the thawing time. At the same time, it can reduce the loss of frozen products, improve sanitary conditions and improve product quality. This method is suitable for thawing of half-piece carcasses or quarter-body carcasses. Meat pieces with equilateral geometry work better with this method. Because in the microwave electromagnetic field, the entire frozen product will be heated by heat at the same time.

Microwave Heating and Thawing Equipment has the following advantages:

(1) The microwave heats the drug quickly and evenly, the drying speed is fast, and the time is short.

(2) Selective heating, low drying temperature, good product cleaning, drying and sterilization, high quality.

(3) Low energy consumption and low cost Since the heat is directly produced inside the wet material, the heat loss is small and the thermal efficiency is high, generally up to about 80%.

(4) Good environment and no pollution Microwave processing has no environmental and noise pollution, and there is no sultry heat and steam in the processing workshop, which greatly improves the working environment of workers.

(5) Easy operation and high production efficiency. Microwave treatment of drugs can be continuously operated, improving production efficiency and facilitating automated production and enterprise management.

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