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microwave drying machine

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Main features and advantages of microwave drying machine

Microwave dryer-Short time and fast speed

The microwave dryer makes the material itself a heating body, eliminating the need for a heat transfer process. Therefore, under a certain power density intensity, a satisfactory effect can be achieved in a few tens of seconds and a few minutes, and the heating speed is 4 to 10 times faster than the conventional methods such as hot air and infrared.

microwave heating system-Evenly and thoroughly

The microwave has the penetrating property, and the surface and the interior simultaneously act to ensure that the internal and external temperatures together reach the required value, so the microwave drying sterilization is more uniform and thorough than the conventional thermal drying and sterilization.

Microwave equipment-Low temperature treatment, maintain nutrition

Microwave has the thermal effect of rapid temperature rise and non-thermal effect double sterilization, the general sterilization temperature is 65-70 ° C, 75-80 ° C or 103-121 ° C, time is 3-8 minutes, can retain more food nutrients and Color, fragrance, taste, shape and other flavors. For example, the vitamin C retained by conventional heat treatment of vegetables is 46-50%. In contrast, microwave treatment can achieve 60-90% of vitamin C retention.

Microwave heating technology-Energy saving, environmentally friendly, safe and harmless

The microwave acts directly on the material, the heating box itself is not heated, there is no additional heat energy loss, the thermal efficiency can be as high as 80% or more, generally 30-50% energy saving; because the basic energy such as water and electricity can be used There is no "three wastes" problem; the microwave is controlled to work in the metal heating chamber, the microwave leakage is effectively suppressed, there is no radioactive hazard, no high temperature, no residual heat, no dust pollution.

Advanced technology, easy to achieve automated production control

The microwave drying equipment produced by Shanghai Nahe Equipment Co., Ltd. is simple in operation, easy to control, and has no thermal inertia. It can be used to automatically control the heating process by using the PLC man-machine interface to ensure continuous production. Reduce production operators and reduce labor costs.

Microwave oven for industrial use-Save costs and increase efficiency

The Nahe microwave equipment does not require boilers, pipeline systems, coal yards and transportation vehicles. The equipment is compact in structure, saves plant space, and has low investment and high efficiency.

Microwave Lotus leaf tea, drying sterilizer machine

1 pcs Negotiable

Microwave Breadcrumbs. drying sterilizer machine

1 pcs Negotiable

Microwave Quartz sand drying sterilizer machine

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Microwave Breadcrumbs. drying sterilizer machine

1 pcs Negotiable