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Manager of Media Communications

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The Massachusetts Assisted Living Association, Inc. (MASS-ALA) is a non-profit, trade association which serves as the voice of assisted living in Massachusetts. It is striving to be the state’s premier organization serving those who own, operate and work in the field of senior living promoting independence, choice, dignity, and respect for those who reside in assisted living through training, networking, workforce development, research and advocacy. The Manager of Media Communications is responsible for delivering and implementing dynamic marketing campaigns that support the organization’s strategic agenda and products. Were searching for an individual who has an interest in working in a mission driven organization and enjoys the dynamics of a fast-paced company where we work on multiple projects in complex environments. This position requires an intelligent, talented, innovative individual who is committed to collaboration and is a strong team player.

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Manager of Media Communications
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Job Openings in the Assisted Living Industry in MA

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Assisted Living is an exciting, interactive field to work in. Plus – when you work in the assisted living industry, you know that you are making a difference in the lives of seniors. As Mass-ALA Anniversary Co-chair Tom Grape explains, “You get to put your head on the pillow at night knowing that you made a difference.”

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Mass-ALA makes it easy to search for a job that best fits your interests and skills. By posting job opportunities from our member organizations (over 95% of the assisted living industry in the state), Mass-ALA has become the premier career resource serving job seekers and employers in the assisted living industry in Massachusetts. Please Note: All jobs will be kept active for 3 months.

To search for a job, use the search tool directly to the right. You can search by organization, city, zip code, or by job title. Or, just hit the search button, and all of our jobs postings will appear. Above - you will find a few featured positions. These are selected by Mass-ALA staff and rotate on a regular basis.Questions? Contact Office Administrator Kim Jerdon at 781-622-5999.

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