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industrial microwave drying equipment

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Industrial microwave drying equipment is widely used in production and life. The purpose of drying is to remove moisture or solvent from certain raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products for processing, use, transportation and storage. Typical drying methods include mechanical methods, chemical methods, and heating (freezing) methods. These methods are either bulky, costly to dry, or slow in drying and low in throughput. With the development of science and technology, such as biological products, new materials (multi-phase composite materials, nano-materials, smart materials and biomedical materials, etc.), advanced ceramics, new high-grade foods and new pharmaceutical products, the emergence of new products, traditional drying Technology and dryers are not always suitable. Microwave drying technology and microwave dryers have been widely used in light industry, chemical materials industry, food and agricultural products processing industries and have shown remarkable advantages. Microwave drying is undoubtedly a new technology to meet the requirements of new products.

The theoretical research on the instantaneous mass transfer heat transfer of industrial microwave drying equipment, and the development of equipment and instruments supporting the microwave drying technology. The theoretical research on the application of microwave drying in the drying of natural rubber has made great progress.
Industrial microwave drying equipment
It is a microwave cavity, which is a space that converts microwave energy into heat to heat the material. In order to uniformly heat the materials in the furnace chamber, the industrial microwave oven is made into a tunnel pattern, and the materials are continuously operated on the conveyor belt.
Industrial microwave drying equipment
The setting of the furnace door is mainly designed in the industrial microwave oven to facilitate the cleaning of the sanitary cavity. In order to prevent microwave leakage, the industrial microwave oven switching system consists of multiple safety interlock micro switch devices. If the furnace door is not closed, the industrial microwave oven cannot be operated, and the microwave oven does not work, so there is no problem of microwave leakage. In order to prevent the microwave from leaking from the gap between the furnace door and the cavity after the industrial microwave oven door is closed, a anti-flow groove structure is arranged around the oven door of the microwave oven, or a material capable of absorbing microwaves, such as silicone rubber, is installed. The door seal is made to absorb a small amount of microwaves that may leak. The chute is a profiled groove structure provided in the door, which has the function of guiding the microwave reverse phase. At the entrance of the choke, the microwave is offset by its reverse reflected wave so that the microwave does not leak.
The chute structure is a stable and reliable method for preventing microwave leakage from the principle of microwave radiation. At present, a small number of companies adopt the most advanced anti-flow tank structure and production process in the world, and the newly developed multi-anti-microwave leakage technology makes the microwave leakage control technology reach the international advanced level.
Electrical circuit
It has the advantages of easy control, safety and stability, and simple repair and maintenance. It can regulate power and meet the needs of different materials, but also save energy and be green.
The magnetron is the heart of the microwave oven, from which microwave energy is generated and emitted. The magnetron requires a high pulsating DC anode voltage and a cathode voltage of approximately 3 to 4V during operation. The regulation of the industrial microwave power supply provides the operating voltage for the magnetron to meet the above requirements.
Microwave ovens generally have two timing modes, namely mechanical timing and computer timing. The basic function is to select the set working time. After the set time has elapsed, the timer automatically cuts off the main circuit of the microwave oven.
Power splitter
The power divider is used to adjust the average working time of the magnetron (ie, the ratio of "working" and "stop" time when the magnetron is intermittently operated), thereby achieving the purpose of adjusting the average output power of the microwave oven.
Interlocking micro switch
Interlocking microswitches are an important safety device for industrial microwave ovens. It has multiple interlocking functions, which are controlled by the door opening button of the oven door or the door opening button on the door handle. When the furnace door is not closed or the furnace door is open, the circuit is disconnected and the microwave oven is stopped.
Thermal circuit breaker
Thermal circuit breakers are components used to monitor the operating temperature of a magnetron or furnace chamber. When the operating temperature exceeds a certain limit, the thermal circuit breaker immediately cuts off the power and stops the microwave oven.
Performance feature editing
The microwave belt drying kiln is a new generation of international leading microwave low temperature equipment, which is widely used in various kinds of clay materials and low temperature drying or heat treatment of small size, flat shape and strip materials.
Industrial microwave drying equipment main features
The unique microwave source and its control technology ensure that the microwave source system can work continuously and stably for a long time in all kinds of complex environments, and the normal service life of the magnetron is ≥1 year;
The high-efficiency microwave transmission system specially designed according to the standard is used to uniformly feed the materials to ensure uniform drying of the materials and effectively avoid the phenomenon that the local temperature of the materials is too high;
The original mathematical model is combined with the drying process to carry out scientific cavity design to ensure the highest dehydration efficiency, while avoiding the occurrence of undesirable phenomena such as “hot spots”, “sparking”, “splashing” and “burning” in the cavity;
Safe and reliable microwave shielding design ensures microwave leakage <2mw/cm; far superior to national standards;
Compared with traditional drying methods (hot air, steam, electric heating, etc.), microwave drying has the following characteristics of “high quality, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection”:
1 to achieve non-polluting and uniform drying of the material, while greatly reducing the drying temperature;
2 The drying speed is usually increased several times or more, and the production efficiency is greatly improved;
3 drying energy consumption is usually reduced by more than 50%;
4 to achieve safe and clean production.
Main performance of industrial microwave drying equipment
Tailored to customer needs;
Control conveyor belt maximum working temperature ≤ 200oC;
Microwave frequency: 2.45 GHz ± 25 MHz;
Touch screen display, control, automatic and manual dual operation functions;
Infrared, thermocouple thermometer and humidity measuring instrument are used to measure the internal temperature and humidity of the kiln, and achieve precise control throughout the entire process;
Special automatic cloth, receiving and dust removal systems;
Microwave leakage: <2mw/cm².
Application field
Drying of high moisture viscous materials;
Drying of powder, granules, flakes, strips, plates, small blanks, etc.;
Activated regeneration of the catalyst;
Drying, sterilizing and disinfecting solid waste such as sludge;
Drying, sterilization and disinfection of food, medicine and pharmaceutical raw materials;
Drying, insecticidal and mildew treatment of rice and flour;
Tea leaves, fragrant;
Curing of polymer materials;
Heat treatment of the foamed material.