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Massalfa is a professional designer and manufacturer of microwave heating equipment and microwave reactors. For practical applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, laboratory and other industries,
Developed microwave heating reactors with different specifications; it is a pioneer in technological innovation in the field of microwave chemistry in China, providing microwave heating reactor solutions for many new materials companies and international brand battery manufacturers. Our company also has an independent microwave heating technology development team.
And chemical production professionals to guide equipment research and development work, has successfully solved the problem of LED resin glue synthesis, polymer material esterification, electrical material hydrothermal synthesis. Massalfa welcomes customers to visit or consult microwave heating technology and microwave reactor problems. We have test prototype operation and feeding test service.
And can complete data recording and process photo video and other data sorting, to provide customers with comprehensive services.

The mechanism of microwave extraction can be analyzed from the following three aspects:
1) The microwave radiation process is a process in which high-frequency electromagnetic waves penetrate the extraction medium to reach the microtubule bundle and the glandular system inside the material. Due to the absorption of microwave energy, the temperature inside the cell will rise rapidly.
Thereby, the pressure inside the cell exceeds the ability of the cell wall to expand, and as a result, the cell ruptures, the active ingredient therein freely flows out, and is dissolved in the extraction medium at a lower temperature. The desired extract can be obtained by further filtration and separation.
2) The electromagnetic field generated by the microwave accelerates the rate at which molecules of the extracted component diffuse from the interior of the solid to the solid-liquid interface. For example, when water is used as a solvent, under the action of a microwave field, water molecules change from a high-speed rotation state to an excited state, which is a high-energy unstable state.
At this time, the water molecules are vaporized to enhance the driving force of the extracted components, or release their excess energy back to the ground state, and the released energy will be transmitted to the molecules of other substances to accelerate the thermal motion, thereby shortening the extraction components. The time during which the molecules diffuse from the interior of the solid to the solid-liquid interface results in several times the extraction rate and lowers the extraction temperature, maximizing the quality of the extract.
3) Since the frequency of the microwave is related to the frequency of molecular rotation, the microwave energy is a non-ionizing radiant energy that causes molecular motion caused by ion migration and dipole rotation. When it acts on the molecule, it promotes the molecule. Rotating motion,
If the molecule has a certain polarity, it can generate instantaneous polarization under the action of the microwave field, and perform polarity transformation motion at a speed of 2.45 billion times/s, thereby generating vibration, tear and friction between the particles and Collision, and quickly generate a lot of heat, causing the cells to rupture, allowing the cell fluid to overflow and diffuse into the solvent. In microwave extraction, the difference in the ability to absorb microwaves allows certain regions of the matrix material or certain components of the extraction system to be selectively heated.
Thereby, the extracted substance is separated from the substrate or the system into an extraction solvent having a relatively small dielectric constant and a relatively poor microwave absorption capacity.

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