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Continuous microwave sterilization equipment

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Continuous microwave sterilization equipment drying equipment can dry ceramic ceramic products with diameter ≤381mm and height ≤450mm, and can be finished within 30min. After setting, the product has no cracking, high yield, and the material is continuous extrusion feeding. Equipment can be produced 24 hours
1. Model: 25658
2. Power input: three-phase 380±10% 50HZ;
3. Output microwave power: 60KW (power adjustable)
4. Frequency: 2450MHz ± 50MHz
5. Equipment (length × width × height): 10350mm × 1900mm × 1700mm
6. Microwave leakage: in line with national GB10436-89 standard ≤ 5mw/cm2
7. In line with GB5226 electrical safety standards
8.Continuous microwave sterilization equipment Production (650~700g/box): 1200 boxes/hour (cold chain) 2400 boxes/hour (hot chain) microwave heating principle: microwave is an electromagnetic wave, the energy of this electromagnetic wave is not only more than usual The radio waves are much larger. This invisible microwave can penetrate food up to 5cm deep, and the water molecules in the food move with it. The intense movement produces a lot of heat. Moreover, this kind of microwave is also very "personal": when the microwave hits the metal, it will reflect, and the metal has no way to absorb or conduct it;
Microwaves can pass through insulating materials such as glass, ceramics, plastics, etc., but they do not consume energy; while materials containing moisture, microwaves are not only permeable, but their energy is absorbed, and when they are cooked in a common stove, the total amount of heat is It gradually enters the inside of the food from the outside of the food. When cooking in a microwave oven, the heat is directly inside the food, so the cooking speed is 4 to 10 times faster than other stoves, and the thermal efficiency is over 80%. This is the advantage of microwave heating equipment.
Continuous microwave sterilization equipment is suitable for microwave baking equipment for food products, non-staple foods, aquatic products, whole grains, meat products, etc., and baking processing. The advantage is that the output is high, the speed is fast, there is no soot pollution, and the temperature requirement can be reached in about 2 minutes. Does not destroy the nutrients of the food, does not change color, does not change the flavor. At the same time, due to the combined effect of the thermal effect and the non-thermal effect of the microwave during the heating process, the food has a bactericidal effect and meets the hygiene requirements of the food.

Features of Continuous microwave sterilization equipment:
1. Microwave baking efficiency is high and heating speed is fast.
1. It can effectively maintain the original flavor and nutrients of the food without changing the color of the food.
2, a multi-purpose machine. Multi-use products: dried fruit baking, peanuts, melon seeds, fish and shrimp, roast duck / chicken, whole grains baking, etc.; use for more: can be used for food baking, but also for food sterilization, heating, curing, puffing, Thaw, bake, etc.
2, food baking accompanied by sterilization treatment. It can extend the shelf life of foods and maximize their nutritional content.
3, the equipment is fully automated and intelligent assembly line baking, easy to operate.
4. Environmental protection, energy conservation and sanitation. No residual heat radiation, no dust, no noise, no pollution, easy to achieve food hygiene testing standards.