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Industrial Microwave dryer equipment Features:
1. industrial drying speed is fast.microwave dryer is simultaneous heating inside and outside, does not require heat transfer process, fast thawing, improves production efficiency, and greatly shortens thawing time. The bagged meat with a weight of 25Kg and an outer dimension of 600mmx400mmx150mm can be warmed up to -4 °C to -2 °C by Industrial and Commercial Microwave equipment at around -18 °C in just 5-10 minutes. The Microwave processing capacity is related to the quality of the meat, which is related to the dielectric constant of the meat. The more fertile the meat, the greater the industrial processing capacity of lean meat than the fat.
2. Thaw evenly. Microwave drying equipment can cause heat to be generated by the electromagnetic field at the same time. Therefore, the uniformity of thawing is good, and there is no phenomenon of external heat and internal cooling.
3. The nutrients of the materials are not lost. Industrial Microwave dryer maintains the taste of thawed materials through thermal and biological effects, and nutrients such as proteins, amino acids and vitamins are not destroyed. At the same time, it has a bactericidal effect and improves product quality.
4, the material does not change color, reducing the rate of meat loss. Natural thawing and hydrolysis freeze will have blood water outflow, the meat loss rate is 5-10%, and it is easy to change color and mildew, while microwave thawing has no blood water outflow, the meat loss rate is less than 1%, and the product is preserved to maintain the original color after thawing.
5. The industrial dryer equipment runs continuously and has high reliability. The Tunnel and Oven microwave equipment can work continuously, and the special microwave excitation cavity and microwave circulator not only improve the microwave efficiency and uniformity but also prolong the life of the magnetron.

Industrial Microwave Tempering and Defrosting

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Drink Microwave Drying / Sterilizing machine

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Oak Microwave Drying / Sterilizing machine

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