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Puff Snack & Core-filled Snack machine

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Puffs are mainly made from grains such as corn and rice. They are immediately processed into the desired shape, then baked and added into a delicious snack. It is produced under a comprehensive production line, and all production processes are machined to health and For hygienic purposes, in addition, the entire production cycle takes only 5-10 minutes to complete.

Most of the grain puffs are blended, steamed, chopped, stretched, dried, expanded, and so on. The quality of the inflatable snack depends on the water content and the uniformity of the humidity distribution before inflation. After the inflation, the gap of the food tissue is large, the internal and external surface area is large, and it is easy to absorb water. Because the oil is oxidized and consumes oil, it is necessary to pay attention to the packaging.

Core-filled Snack machine capacity: Filling capacity: 60 kg / hour, 120 kg / hour; no filling: 90 kg / hour, 180 kg / hour; custom capacity available.

Puff Snack & Core-filled Snack machine features: The ability to fill puff foods increases product value. Easy to change molds in a variety of shapes. Flexible production as needed. High quality and low price, faster return on investment (return on investment); integrated production line, health and labor cost savings; professional infrared oven makes your puff pastry more delicious; special seasoning powder delivery system ensures no seasoning powder and factory clean.

Puff production line
Mini chou (噗) production line
Product: Small puffs with padding
Weight: Batter 8g/pc diameter 45mm → 60mm, including asphalt, baked and dried → 5g / PC
Density: 0.9
Capacity: 48,000pc/hour→48,000×8g=384kg
If the puff is lighter or has a shorter baking time.
Capacity may reach 60,000 pc / hour.
Positioning method: steel strip width 1000,1000÷60=16.67→16pc/line
Baking time: 12 minutes
Drying time: 8 minutes
It takes 20 minutes (3 cycles/hour) from baking to drying.

Puff Snack & Core-filled Snack machine work program:
Preparation → Mixing → Deposition (shape) → Cake → Drying → Cooling → Injection (filling inside) → Packaging
Automated high-grade biscuit production line (performance is basically the same as the Italian APV production line. Simply put, the whole line adopts CPU module control, back-mounted motor drive, all adopt seamless PU belt and seamless canvas to ensure 100% into the furnace, pneumatic anti-offset Partial device, 650KG mixer, panel setting can store 50-100 recipes);
2, puff production line (by vertical mixer, automatic feeding machine, universal extrusion molding machine, gas oven , cooling conveyor, dryer, filling injection machine, etc.;)
3. Moon cake production line (composed of powdering machine, stuffing machine, cake machine, tunnel furnace, rotary cooling furnace, etc.);

Puffed Snack With Core Filling machinery

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