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Churros machine

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Name: churro machines, churro shops, fritters, doughnut, crullers, ring-shaped pastry, dough mixing machine.China Churro maker,panish churro maker
Model Number: massalfa-998745
Dimensions: 320 × 580 × 1120mm
Capacity Capacity: 5L
With 6 liter electric fryer
1.Churros machine is all stainless steel food grade, it is a guarantee of safety and hygiene!
2. One of the manufacturers of panish churro makers in China, the appearance of the products is similar to that of Spain, and it matches the fashion snacks!
3.panish churro mold is well formed, based on the original Spanish mold, two sets of finishing molds produce different sizes of Latin fruit, the mold depth is improved, the molding work stroke is long, the molding is better, and the selling is better!
4. The barrel has double protection to ensure the safety of operation (previously the Spanish Latin fruit machine has been used for a long time, the material tank may drop the oil, causing personal injury to the operator!), the improved gripper, the operation is more convenient and labor-saving.

5.panish churro maker exports to all parts of the world, suitable for local operating habits and market preferences. China is dominated by Beijing, Tianjin, Northeast China, Sichuan, Chongqing, Fujian, and Guangxi. Foreign countries are mainly Spain, Portugal and Europe, and the Latin American and Southeast Asian markets are also opening rapidly.

The panish churro maker is equipped with a 6-litre gas fryer for faster frying and higher efficiency.
Ingredients: 45 grams of butter or butter, water, 15 grams of fine sugar, 1/4 teaspoon of salt, 60 grams of low-gluten flour, 2 eggs. 1 tsp of cinnamon powder (optional).

Decoration: add cinnamon sugar, chocolate, ice cream, jam, etc.


The oil temperature of the fryer is burned to about 170 ° C, and the stirred batter is placed on the barrel of the Latin fruit forming machine, and then squeezed into a fryer to fry until golden brown. Pick it up, drain the oil, add cinnamon sugar, put it in a bag or dish, add chocolate, ice cream (optional), jam (optional), etc. after Zui.

Churros is called Spanish fried dough stick or Latin fruit, because Churros is Spanish, the shape is like the fritters we often eat, Churros is often served with hot chocolate, can also be served with ice cream, jam, etc., delicious and delicious, is a characteristic of Spain snack