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Industrial microwave drying oven

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Industrial microwave drying oven using a deep understanding and application of technology for our customers at home and abroad to provide efficient, intelligent, stable microwave equipment. Industrial microwave drying oven covers ceramic sintering, chemical reaction, sterilization, drying, thawing, cooking, extraction, etc. It is widely used in industrial fields such as metallurgy, powder materials, chemicals, ceramics, refractories and other high energy-intensive and heavy pollution. The field of fine processing of new materials, as well as food, pharmaceutical, rubber, waste treatment and other industries.
Industrial microwave drying oven Features:
1. Adopt all-stainless steel tunnel design to effectively prevent corrosion of product overflow gas
2. The opening height of the tunnel is 120mm, which is suitable for the passage of standard insulation materials.
3, using metal chain transmission, suitable for bearing, long mechanical durability, and resistant to internal high temperature
4. The equipment adopts two-stage control. The microwave section utilizes the characteristics of simultaneous heating inside and outside the microwave to quickly remove a large amount of moisture, and the subsequent microwave and fast hot air flow are dried, which is used for drying the lower moisture inside the drying stage.
5, microwave hot air box, pipeline, fan overall insulation, high efficiency and energy saving
6. Using the horn type stainless steel hot air pipe, hot air can be input from the bottom of the material side for the environmental heating process.
7, microwave power can be freely set, according to different processes to select the appropriate power to avoid energy waste
8, using automatic control, easy to operate flexible production process
9, using temperature sensor to control the drying temperature and speed of the material
10. The key systems of the equipment are water-cooled, suitable for long-term continuous work.
11, the amount of microwave leakage in line with the national standard
Industrial microwave drying oven Specifications:
1. Equipment size: about 18m (length) × 1.5m (width) × 2.0m (height)
2. Microwave power: 70kW
3, electric hot air power: 30kW
4, material transmission speed is continuously adjustable
In the early stage of product drying, the moisture content of the product is very high, and the power of the microwave equipment has a high effect on the drying effect (water is the best medium for absorbing microwaves).

As time goes on, most of the microwave energy is absorbed by water, and the water migrates rapidly. And evaporation; in the later stage of product drying, as the water is reduced, the required microwave energy is also small, and the power of the microwave device can be appropriately diluted. However, there are many products that cannot be dried under high temperature conditions.

At this time, microwave vacuum drying equipment is needed: under vacuum, the boiling point of water is lowered, and nutrients and vitamins can be well maintained. At the same time, in the vacuum system, the content of air per unit volume is lower than the content in the atmosphere, and drying the food in the environment of relative hypoxia can alleviate or even avoid the chance of oxidation of fat in the food, pigment browning or other oxidative deterioration, etc. Therefore, some products with high added value, such as Cordyceps and ginseng, are dried by microwave vacuum.

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