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Artifical/Nutritional rice process line

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TheArtifical/Nutritional rice process line is a food production equipment suitable for the production needs of modern enterprises. The production line can use various grains, such as rice, millet, black rice and buckwheat, as raw materials, and add various vitamins, proteins and minerals for processing. After pressing, aging, and forming, the press regenerates new intensive nutritious rice. The edible method is the same as that of natural rice, and it is simpler and more convenient. It is both nutritious and more adaptable to modern rhythm life.

TheArtifical/Nutritional rice process line equipment can be used to repair or reduce the broken rice (broken rice and exfoliated rice embryo) in the rice milling process into rice granules which are almost identical to ordinary whole polished rice, or some natural nutrition according to the requirements of scientific diet. Substances such as various types of miscellaneous grains are combined in a certain proportion to produce high-nutrient rice and ready-to-eat small foods with the same cooking characteristics and cooking methods (with unique flavor) as ordinary rice.

Artifical/Nutritional rice process line Process: raw material preparation → mixing powder → conveying → extrusion puffing → screening → conveying → drying → cooling → packaging

Equipment configuration: Mixing machine→Loading machine→Extruder→Vibration screen→Air conveyor→Multi-layer oven→Cooling conveyor→Packing machine

2. Raw materials: broken rice, corn flour, millet flour, black rice flour, nutrients, etc.

3. Product: Nutrient Rice / Artificial Rice

4. Production: 120-150kg/h, 200-250kg/h, 3ton/year, 5ton/year

5. Process: Mixing machine → screw conveyor → twin screw extruder → oven → packaging

6. Voltage: Three items: 380V/50Hz

7. Equipment Material: Stainless Steel

Our exploration and research in extrusion technology has made the application of screw extrusion technology more extensive. Our products include: extruder, puffing machine, twin-screw puffed snack food production line, sandwich rice cracker production line, pet food production line, dog food machine, dog food equipment, dog food puffing machine, floating fish feed puffing machine, ornamental fish feed equipment, Fish and shrimp aquatic feed production line, pet feed equipment, breakfast cereal corn flake production line, pre-gelatinized modified starch equipment, twin-screw extruder, single screw extruder, nutrient-fortified rice production line, breadcrumb production line, wonderful crispy angle machine, nutritious rice noodles Production line, modified starch equipment, potato chip fries equipment, pet aquatic feed equipment, dog chew equipment, marine fish feed production line, soybean tissue protein equipment, brushed protein equipment, fried puffed food machine, fried pasta equipment, experimental twin screw Food equipment such as extruders can also be specially designed and manufactured according to the special requirements of users.

Nutritional rice production equipment is a food production equipment developed by Jinan Dahao Machinery Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. based on the current food nutrition needs and combined with foreign advanced technology. The production equipment adapts to the large situation of people in the modern society to strengthen the diet, meets the requirements of people's balanced nutrition, and avoids the characteristics of large investment in foreign equipment and high operating costs, and has the advantages of high automation and energy saving. The production line can use various grains, such as rice, millet, black rice and buckwheat, as raw materials, adding various vitamins, proteins and minerals for processing, and extruding, ripening and forming in the extruder to regenerate new fortified nutrition. Rice, which is eaten in the same way as natural rice, is simpler and more convenient, and is both nutritious and adaptable to modern rhythm life.

Strengthen the process line of nutritious rice production line:

Raw material mixing → extrusion molding → primary drying → secondary drying → polishing → screening → packaging

Artificial rice (simulated food) technology is a breakthrough in the principle of extrusion in food reproduction. The biggest feature of this technology is to add various nutrients necessary for the human body to the food, and to dry it to the required moisture, boil 5-8 It can be eaten in minutes. Extruded rice production technology makes it possible to strengthen micronutrients in rice, and the nutrients are solidified in the rice without loss. The product is easy to eat, easy to digest and absorb, and is popular among consumers.

The characteristics of artificial rice produced by our nutritional man-made rice golden rice production line:

1. Advantages:

First, save and avoid waste. Broken broken rice and rice noodles during the transportation and storage of rice can no longer be traded, and a large part will be wasted. After deep processing of our nutritious rice processing equipment, the broken rice and rice flour will be reprocessed into rice shape, twice. The behavior of trading is a kind of resource saving and positive energy against waste in our society today.

Second, nutrition, enhance physical fitness. Because in the process of production and processing, the addition of a part of vitamins and trace elements and nutrients that the human body urgently needs to supplement is beneficial to the absorption of human nutrition and health.

Third, the variability is strong. Since most of the nutritious rice will enter the market for sale, it is possible to produce various types of nutritious rice according to the specific precise needs of the market. The moisture can be adjusted to control the smoothness and transparency of the rice. The temperature of the equipment adjusts the degree of expansion of the rice and the resistance to cooking. By changing the shape of the die hole of the mold, the shape of the finally produced rice can be controlled, such as Thai fragrant rice, Indian rice. . . .

Fourth, ready to eat, due to the expansion of the screw, the nutritious rice is cooked, can be eaten without cooking, only need to add a small amount of water can be used as a staple food.

2. Disadvantages:

First, it is easy to stick to it. Because it is extruded from edible powder, the natural rice that is inevitable in nutritious rice is more likely to stick. If it is cooked or soaked for a long time, it will become a porridge-like structure. It is impossible to mix with natural rice, and it is still not easy to stick together after cooking.

Second, although the nutritious rice is processed from rice flour, due to the impact of puffing, there will be some bubbles in the rice, and there is still a certain gap between the natural color and the natural rice in terms of color and transparency.

On the basis of nutritious rice, our company has also developed a new product similar to gold rice, which is made from rice, corn and starch, and is extruded to produce golden-colored rice-shaped nutritious food. This product is a non-GMO green product.

200~250KG/h parboiled rice processing equipment

1 pcs Negotiable