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Automatic Microwave Sterilization and Drying Equipment

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Automatic Microwave Sterilization and Drying Equipment energy penetrates the inside of the material at a frequency of 2,450MHz, oscillating 2.45 billion times per second, killing bacteria through special thermal and non-thermal effects, and at a lower temperature and shorter time than conventional thermal sterilization. The desired disinfection effect can be obtained. Practice has proved that E. coli can be completely killed at 70 ° C. The total number of bacteria is greatly reduced at 80-90 ° C, and the time is only 2 to 3 minutes. Fast, short time, so retain the nutrients and traditional flavor of the food. extend

Massalfa suppy Microwave drying equipment, Microwave Sterilization and Drying Equipment, Automatic microwave vacuum drying equipment, microwave food sterilization drying equipment, Automatic microwave medicine sterilization drying equipment, Automatic microwave insects (throat, fly maggot) drying equipment, microwave vacuum extraction equipment, microwave oral liquid sterilization equipment Microwave wood drying equipment, microwave ceramic curing equipment, microwave rubber vulcanization equipment, microwave glass fiber drying equipment, microwave paper drying equipment, microwave waste disinfection equipment, microwave test furnace and other series of microwave dryer equipment.

Massalfa offer all products are designed and manufactured according to GMP and FDA standards, and their main technical indicators are at the international advanced level.
With years of experience in designing and manufacturing Automatic Microwave Sterilization and Drying Equipment, the company can provide equipment design solutions according to different requirements of users for users to choose.
The products supplied by the company are responsible for installation, commissioning and operation training free of charge; the implementation of “three guarantees”, one year warranty and lifetime technical service.

A large supply of Automatic Microwave Equipment accessories: Panasonic series of magnetrons (2M167B-M11, 2M210M1.....) various types of industrial microwave transformers, high-voltage silicon reactor (diode), high-voltage capacitors, microwave wave-specific conveyor belts, resistors, signal feedback Sampling board, temperature switch, waveguide and other related accessories! Also undertake various microwave wave installation, commissioning, maintenance, transformation and other related business.
The Masslfa is technicians have many years of practical experience, and can modify a variety of microwave wave-wave equipment to improve the defects caused by the design and manufacture of your existing equipment, improve the trial life of the equipment and reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment. Make your drying equipment more suitable for the company's production process, greatly improve the output and quality, and truly make the Automatic microwave equipment reflect energy-saving and high efficiency in actual production.

Microwave Clay Drying and Sterilization Equipment

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