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Pasta Macaroni Extruder Machine

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Pasta production line, macaroni equipment, and pasta macaroni production equipment use potato starch as raw material. After being extruded and matured, it is extruded and cut from the mold. Produce macaroni, pasta, shells, spirals, square tubes, and round tube designs. After drying or frying, it becomes a crispy and delicious snack food.

Macaroni-Macaroni is one of the most common noodle products in foreign countries. There are also a small amount of production in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin. There are many types of macaroni. Generally, starches rich in starch are crushed, gelatinized, flavored, extruded, and dried to make a variety of noodles with good taste and unique flavor. Production Process
The basic principle and processing method of making the macaroni surface are the same as the noodles, and the principle and method of forming are completely different from the noodles. The macaroni is extruded, and its biggest advantage is that it can replace various molds, and extrude hollow or solid round noodles as well as various kinds of colors such as spiral shell, letter shape, hanging flower shape and wheel shape.

Pasta Macaroni Extruder Machine Process

Raw materials→first time and face→second time face→extrusion→hanging bar→pre-drying→main drying→cooling cutting→packaging→product

Short macaroni (snail shell): The production process of short macaroni is:

Raw materials→first time and face→second time face→extrusion→drying→cooling→packaging→product

Pasta Macaroni Extruder Machine main process operation points

1 and surface: The process requirements are basically the same as the production of noodles. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to make the two-face time of the long heart. In the second time, the vacuum treatment should be carried out under the vacuum degree of 0.079-0.086 MPa to remove the air in the dough, so that the extruded noodle tissue is tighter and not easy to break, improving the appearance of the product, improving the transparency and improving the cooking performance. Short macaroni does not require vacuum. Both sides use tap water at room temperature.

2 Extrusion: The dough that has been and has been squeezed into a variety of shapes by passing through a squeeze cylinder and an extrusion die. The working pressure of the extrusion cylinder is generally 7.8 to 11.8 MPa. The temperature of the dough during extrusion should preferably not exceed 40 to 48 °C. In order to prevent the high temperature extrusion from causing the dough to rise too high, it is necessary to cool the extrusion cylinder with cooling water, the inlet water temperature is preferably 15 ° C, and the outlet water temperature is controlled within 34 ° C.

3 drying: the long macaroni is also hanging dry. However, the drying method differs depending on the shape of the molding method and the shape of the product and the noodles. The famous Italian macaroni drying technology is summarized as: “Keeping constant high humidity is the key to ensuring product quality.” This is consistent with the “moisturizing drying” of the noodles, which means that the relative humidity of each drying stage is constant. Italian macaroni drying includes pre-drying and main drying [1].

The main raw materials of macaroni flour products are first-class fine flour and water. The flour has a gluten degree of 27 to 30%. It is best to use high-gluten flour, and the flour and water are matched in a weight ratio of 100:28.
Excipients generally use fresh eggs or egg powder. Each 50 kilograms of flour is served with 1.7 kilograms of egg powder or 10 kilograms of fresh eggs. When producing screw shell powder, each kilogram of flour is provided with 1.3 kilograms of egg powder or 7.5 kilograms of fresh eggs.
Production method A production process is: the flour is mixed with water in a mixer (biaxial) for 5 to 10 minutes, and the wet flour is mixed into a secondary mixer (single axis) for about 7 to 8 minutes. The mixed wet flour is fed into the macaroni extruder by a vertical screw conveyor. The cylinder wall of the extruder is double-layered, and the cavity is cooled by water. A molding die is placed at the outlet end of the liner, and the wet flour is extruded from the die hole and cut into wet macaroni by a rotary cutter. The product automatically falls into the pre-drying machine, and automatically falls into the far-infrared dryer after pre-drying by the pre-drying machine. After drying for 27 minutes, it automatically falls into the cooling device, and after cooling, it is the finished product.

First, fried

Process: raw material preparation → stirring → extrusion molding → cooling → drying → frying → conveying → lifting → seasoning → (packaging)

Equipment configuration: Mixing machine → Extruder → Cooling bed → Drying bed → Automatic frying pan → Medium seasoning → Roller → (Packaging)

Second, baking

Pasta Macaroni Extruder Machine equipment configuration: mixing machine → loading machine → extruder → traction cutting machine → hoist → oven → cooling

Pasta Macaroni Extruder Machine process composition:

1. Mixing machine: Mix the main ingredients (flour, corn flour, rice flour, starch, etc.) alone or add additives, mix a certain amount of water and mix well.

2, puffing machine: through extrusion and extrusion to produce long strips, flakes and other shapes of products, replacement molds can be wide and narrow thickness products.

4. Cutting machine: cut off the strip semi-finished products from the extruder.

5, automatic frying pan: There are two types of coal frying pan and electric fryer, which can be purchased according to the specific conditions.

6, seasoning line: there are octagonal cylinder, cylinder, lifting single drum, double drum seasoning line, after frying, spray the essence in the barrel.

7, packaging machine: vertical packaging machine or combined computer cooling package, can be optionally packaged in different bags.

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