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Industrial Caramel Popcorn machine

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Massalfa designed and developed the new Industrial Caramel Popcorn machine. At this point, our company has a complete production, processing and packaging line of popcorn, which has made the popcorn industry truly fully automated. Saving manpower, saving energy, and greatly improving production efficiency.

Realizing zero soot and zero pollution is an inevitable trend in the development of modern industry. If you have any questions about the spherical popcorn machine, please contact the company for further information.

Industrial Caramel Popcorn machine product introduction:

1. Stirring mode adopts planetary stirring rotation, stir evenly, realizes the non-integer rotation ratio of rotation and autotransmission, the stirring blade rotates 360 degrees, there is no stirring dead angle in the pot, the material is stirred, the stirring blade is made of PTFE, and the stability is high. Wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, non-toxic and tasteless.

2. It adopts frequency conversion speed regulation power, fully automatic stirring, provides stable stirring speed to make popcorn quality stable, and the running speed can be adjusted.

3. It adopts professional burner, automatic ignition, automatic gas-breaking with explosion-proof valve, manual ignition, improve combustion efficiency, save energy, increase popcorn yield, short bursting time and high ball-out rate.

4. The hydraulic system is adopted, the feeding and discharging are simple and convenient, the pot body can be tilted at 90 degrees, the material is not dead angle, and it is easy to clean.

5. The equipment adopts two heating modes: gas heating and electromagnetic heating.

Smart spherical popcorn machine Features of Planetary Stirring Popcorn Machine:

1. The bursting time is short, and the advanced combustion series is combined with the pot material to shorten the corn burst time.

2. Multi-flavor one-pot out, using stepless frequency control to mix corn, sugar and other flavors of raw materials evenly.

3. The sugar is evenly mixed, and the combination of rotation and revolution is adopted to ensure that there is no blind spot in the pot.

4. The flower ball type can be fixed in one pot, and the bursting temperature of the spherical corn can be reached in a short time, which effectively solves the problem that only popcorn can be produced on the market.

5. Instantly discharge, avoid paste pot, and ensure the color and fragrance of popcorn.

6 is a multi-functional high-efficiency equipment integrating stirring, dispersing and mixing. It is suitable for popcorn, lotus seed, fruit puree, bean trap, jujube, sauce, gelatin, curry food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Stir and mix.

Industrial Caramel Popcorn machine can match the length of the machine and the assembly line according to the customer's output. Popcorn is popped from the single machine and poured onto the conveyor belt to break up, cool, transfer and filter to the direct packaging of popcorn! Greatly improved efficiency, increased production, meeting customer orders and demanding requirements! Moreover, the screened popcorn is full and has good sphericity to meet the high quality requirements of customers!

Industrial Caramel Popcorn machine features:

1, saving manpower

Transforming traditional hand-crafted processing into automated, standardized production


2, high equipment utilization

After a group of equipment enters the production line, the output is several times higher than that of a single machine.

3, high product quality

In the production process, the equipment is unified in temperature and time, and the material is discharged once.

4, production capacity is stable

When a single machine fails, material transfer can bypass the faulty machine and does not affect the production of the entire line.

There is no doubt that automation is the future development direction of related companies such as production plants, processing plants and chain industries. Process production mechanization, high degree of automation, efficiency over manual 2-5 times, labor saving! One-time investment, less work, high efficiency, long-term saving! Process flow, intelligent and practical, simple operation, small work change chef, save trouble!
Continuous industrial popcorn machine with a production capacity of 50KG (corn kernels) for 20 minutes, producing butterfly and spherical popcorn without oil

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