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Doritos/Tortilla/Corn Chips process line

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echnical advantages of the Doritos/Tortilla/Corn Chips process line

Doritos/Tortilla/Corn Chips process line skills: relatively low moisture in the material process, reduced energy consumption in the oven drying process, high heat energy utilization, in line with human sustainable development strategies (similar baking equipment, can reduce 25 compared to traditional baking equipment) -40% energy consumption).

Environmental protection: Under the production state, there is no waste water, waste gas and waste residue in the production process of the equipment. There is no loss of raw materials in the process.

Saving: The labor required by the unit product is small, the equipment takes up a small space, the production capacity is large, the production capacity is large, the production is stable and continuous, and the product quality fluctuation is small.

Flexible: adaptable, flexible product changes according to market demand.

Innovation: high temperature puffing box furnace, using high temperature puffing, puffing without paste phenomenon.

Tablet press: The press roller is processed by special materials, and the press roller is cooled by water cooling cycle.

2. Design, manufacturing, material advantages of Doritos/Tortilla/Corn Chips process line

Design: 3D software design, simulation, and testing are all done by computer to ensure the accuracy of the production line.

Concept: modular function, humanized system adaptability and diversification is the pursuit of ag Asia Tour. The advanced design concept makes the twin-screw extruder meet the various needs of users.

Professional: Specialized in manufacturing and processing, ensuring the accuracy and cooperation of each component on the top, stable operation, low noise is a professional explanation.

Pay attention to: the process and material selection ensure the service life of the extruder and minimize the wear of the screw and the cavity.

Material: The contact surface with food is made of stainless steel, and the outer leakage processing parts are all plated.

3. Process technology advantages of twin-screw extruder

Experience: More than 20 years of experience in researching advanced twin-screw extrusion technology, almost all extruded products, breakfast cereals, aquafeeds, pet foods, can solve any problems in production services: professional focus on doing Good expansion business, customer service, responsible, serious, perseverance and service for the user's awareness and determination, smooth service process, and users to establish a partnership beyond the project time limit, the success of the road to the United States and you are with you.

4. Advantages of high speed tableting equipment

After more than ten years of research on foreign corn flake production technology and equipment, massalfa has carried out research on corn flake production technology and development of production equipment, and developed a teller tablet press with Meiteng characteristics, which is specially rotated by a pair of opposite sides. Just roll, high-strength frame, roll cooling thermostat system, transmission system, control system.

The tablet press has high technical requirements for the pressure roller. Ag Yayou uses a special processing technology to make it have a long service life. The processing precision of the pressure roller is also high. If the accuracy is not up to the requirement, Will cause uneven sheeting, high vibration, high noise, ag Asian travel processing is strictly controlled.

In order to eliminate the effect of the change of the pressure roller gap caused by the expansion and contraction of the tablet press during operation, the ag Asia swim adds a cooling channel inside the pressure roller to ensure that the pressure roller is always in the relative position when the tablet press is working. Constant temperature state.

5 oven

The multi-layer mesh belt oven is a continuous belt type dehumidification equipment for mass production of food. The food to be processed is passed through a suitable hoist, so that the food is evenly spread on the conveyor belt, and the conveyor belt passes through the continuous reciprocating conveyance. A heating unit consists of channels that allow the food to dry and dehumidify evenly and quickly.

The oven consists of a multi-layer or a layer of conveyor belt, multiple or one heating unit, transmission, insulation system, equipment rack, and automatic control cabinet. The performance of the oven will directly affect the quality and value of the food. This year, Jinan Meiteng Company has developed various ovens.

The mesh belt oven has a simple structure, convenient installation, long-term operation and convenient maintenance. Mesh belt ovens have a wide range of applications and are currently used in pharmaceutical, food and other fields.

Doritos/Tortilla/Corn Chips process line Scope range belt oven has strong pertinence, practicality, high energy efficiency, widely used in food drying, high temperature baking, feed drying and deep application to various regions. Jinan Meiteng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a domestic manufacturer of rich oven equipment, which constantly improves and perfects equipment according to different product requirements.

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