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Dog Treat/Chewing Food Machine

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Massalfa is a professional manufacturer of Dog Treat/Chewing Food Machine. It has strong research and development strength and internationally advanced processing equipment. Dog chew is a chew for cleaning dog mouth. Frequent chewing and regular brushing can slow the formation of plaque and tartar. Feeding dog chews is better than brushing only, reducing gingivitis and other dirt formation. Regular consumption can stabilize teeth and clean the mouth. The gums are itchy during the long teeth of the puppy, which both relieves the pain and protects the items in the home from damage.

Dog Treat/Chewing Food is rich in protein, fat, calcium and moisture. It can regulate appetite, healthy teeth, prevent bad breath and prevent obesity during pet chewing and biting. But in addition to these effects on dog health, dog chews have another major feature - toys, which help pets pass the time when the owner has no time to take care of them, avoiding the dog biting the house everywhere.

Dog chew production line

The main feature of the dog chew production line is that the dog chew is scientifically proportioned by various materials, and is extruded by a screw extruder to form a bite-shaped pet food of various shapes such as a rod shape and a bone shape. It can provide some necessary applications for canine animals, such as: protein, fat, vitamins, etc., and can also give dogs a molar, meet the dog's love of chewing, colleagues can also strengthen the gums and frontal bone, clean the mouth, remove tartar It will infect less diseases. Regular chewing and regular brushing can slow the formation of plaque and tartar, and reduce the formation of gingivitis and other dirt.

Dog Treat/Chewing Food Machine Production Equipment:

1) Mixing machine, 2) screw feeder, 3) single screw main machine, 4) cooling conveyor, 5) cutting machine, 6) high hoist, 7) electric oven

Massalfa is a manufacturer of professional food machinery research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, engineering and service. Since its establishment, it has specialized in the manufacture of puffing machinery and the technical development of food machinery. All of its interests in the interests of its customers have created a good reputation among the company's customers. The company's products include twin-screw, single-screw extruder, automatic continuous fryer, sandwich rice cracker production line, pet food production line, triangle crescent fish salad production line, nutritious rice flour production line, fried pasta production line, spiral shell production line, dog Glue production line, breakfast cereal corn flake production line, tissue protein production line, reclaimed rice production equipment, small instant noodle production line, etc.

Massalfa relies on the advantages of senior talents and technical elites in the industry, and combines its business philosophy of “pragmatic, innovative, enterprising, and sincerity-oriented” to provide high quality to users with a “serious, active, strict and efficient” style of work. The product. Companies with strong technical strength, high-quality products, reasonable price, perfect after-sales service, is willing to cooperate with you in good faith to create a better future. Production lines are exported to India, Thailand, Indonesia, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and many other countries and regions, and are well received by customers.
The dog chew production line adopts a unique extrusion molding process to achieve the best sensory effect on the product shape. The production line has reasonable design, strong stability and easy operation.
Dog Treat/Chewing Food is a highly nutritious food that looks like bones, balls, circles, sticks, shoes and granules. Dog chews are chews that clean the mouth for dogs. Regular chewing has regular brushing to slow down the formation of plaque and tartar; we have multiple formulations adapted to different pets to suit the needs of different pets
The status quo of all stainless steel dog food production equipment: Jinan Dingrun Puffing Food Equipment Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of dog food production equipment. It is developed on the basis of single screw and is suitable for the production of various pet foods. It is easy to operate and has long service life. The advantage of low cost is to see the waste of re-materials in the production process. Increased material usage rate and won the favor of the majority of users. Dog food production equipment dog food processing equipment dog food puffing machine

Dog Treat/Chewing Food is a high-protein nutritional supplement for pet dogs. Because dogs and dogs have the hobby of biting bones, its shape is also suitable for the characteristics of dog play. Dog chew is a chew for professional dogs designed to clean the mouth. Frequent chewing and regular brushing can slow the formation of plaque and tartar. Feeding a dog chew is better than brushing only, reducing the formation of gingivitis and other dirt. Regular consumption can stabilize teeth and clean the mouth. In the long teeth of the puppy, the gums are very itchy. Using dog chews not only reduces the pain, but also protects the items in the home from damage. In addition, weight loss is also a great use of dog chews. Dog chews are not the same as other foods. When the dog chews the dog chew, it stimulates the saliva to produce citric acid, which keeps the canine clean while losing weight.

The working principle of twin-screw extruder in dog food production equipment:
The twin-screw extruder has two pairs of screws that mesh with each other and rotate in the same direction. Together, they act as conveying, frictional extrusion and heating. The material is input by the principle of positive displacement, and forced feeding is performed. Reflux. The puffing machine integrates various functions such as compression, mixing, kneading, shearing, melting, sterilization, puffing and molding, and is completed in a very short time. The transformation of the mold can infinitely change the shape and size of the product.

Dog food production equipment process: raw material preparation→mixing→conveying→extruding→conveying→drying→injection→flavoring→screening→(packaging)

Dog food production equipment equipment configuration: Mixing machine → feeding machine → puffing machine → air feeding machine / hoist → multi-layer oven → hoist → fuel injection machine → drum → vibrating screen → (packaging machine)
DSE70 animal feed production line

Parameters of the twin-screw extruder in dog food production equipment:

1. Components Puffing main unit, control cabinet, feeder voltage/frequency 380V/50Hz installed capacity 35kw main motor 22kw power consumption 26kw production capacity 100-150kg/h
2, the main motor: power 15KW, frequency control 2 screw: diameter ∮65, center distance 56mm, material 38CrMoAl, speed range 0~500rpm, integral, length to diameter ratio 12, speed range 0~550rpm;
3, temperature control: electric heating, the number of temperature points 3, the range of normal temperature ~ 400 degrees, accuracy is positive. Negative 1 degree,
4, control mode centralized control
5, pressure control: range 0~70MPa, pressure accuracy 1MPa, pressure measurement points 1
6, lubrication method, internal circulation
7, feeding: power 0.55KW, frequency control
8, rotary cutting power 0.75KW, frequency control
9, oil pump power 0.37KW
10, dimensions 1.5 × 1 × 1.6m
11, production 80-100kg / h
The pet snack chew machine is a fully automatic production line specialized in the production of pet snack food chews. Leisure and health and happiness are the high level of human needs. The same is true for pets. Under the premise that basic food and clothing are satisfied, eating with the law, eating healthy, eating with leisure and leisure becomes a further requirement. This is inevitable. The law.

Therefore, emerging pet snack foods such as soft and hard, different tastes, and higher nutrient elements, such as pet chewing type bite sticks and tooth sticks, have become popular products in the pet industry.

The dog chews the tooth stick, which not only can cultivate the happy mood of the pet, but also can add various trace elements such as calcium, iron, zinc and selenium to the pet without any knowledge, supplement the physical strength and nutrition, and at the same time help to promote the pet and the owner. Feelings between.

Massalfa's bite-grinding rod machine production line uses a single-screw extrusion process, medium extrusion, low expansion, and forming but not puffing, producing different shapes of molar tooth stick products.

Massalfa, from raw material procurement and accounting, to mechanical equipment design and development and production, mold configuration and design, as well as final mechanical assembly and commissioning, to help customers achieve product trial operation and routine production, we are fully responsible.

Our pet chew machine equipment dog chew machine production line process: secondary extrusion, a single puffing process principle. Taking full account of the maturity of the raw materials and the stability of the production, fully consider the dimensional change of the raw material exit holes caused by the control of the degree of expansion, so that the principle of expanding and shrinking is innovatively used in the process of designing the mold to ensure the product. The beauty and the selling.

Chewing pet food production line/make machinery/

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Dog Chewing Pet Food Production Line/make machinery

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Dog Chewing Food Processing Line

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