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Herbal Ingredients and Tea Microwave Dryer

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Herbal medicines are dried by microwave equipment without loss of efficacy. The high-efficiency Chinese medicine microwave drying equipment adopts special PTFE mesh belt, which has good air permeability. The whole machine adopts food grade stainless steel material, which is beautiful and easy to clean. It adopts non-contact type. Infrared temperature measurement technology, high precision and simple control. Man-machine interface operation, PLC automatic control, can realize data storage, output, printing function; use waste heat recovery and utilization system with unique drainage system, dry quickly, improve efficiency; effective ingredients of medicine are not affected, improve quality; equipment conforms to country GMP certification requirements; microwave leakage value ≤ 1mW / cm2 (national standard ≤ 5mW / cm2).

Microwave medicinal material drying equipment is mainly used for secondary drying of Chinese medicinal materials and insecticidal and sterilization. In order to prevent mildew and rot, most farmers use sulfur soaking and drying or sulfur burning to close the baking, which is easy to cause excessive sulfur residue. The microwave Chinese herbal medicine insecticidal equipment can kill various molds and eggs in the medicine at low temperature, and retain the effective medicine ingredients in the Chinese medicine to the maximum extent, and prevent mold and insects generated during storage.

Chinese herbal medicine microwave drying equipment features:

1. Low land occupation, safety and environmental protection: The microwave energy is concentrated and heated quickly, making it occupy less land. The scientific leakage energy suppression system strictly controls the microwave leakage within the national standard, does not produce radioactive hazards, and does not emit harmful gases throughout the process, and does not generate waste heat and dust pollution.

2, rapid heating, high efficiency and energy saving: microwave heating and traditional heating mode (heat conduction, convection, radiation) mechanism is completely different, it is to make the heated material itself heat, no heat transfer process and equipment and air does not absorb heat, inside and outside the material Instantly reach the heating temperature, which is 2-3 times more energy efficient than traditional electric heating and far infrared heating.

3, the thermal inertia is small, the instant of heating, easy to control: the energy of the microwave output is instantly absorbed by the material and heated. But for conventional heating, their output energy is absorbed by both the material absorption and the cold furnace. Micro-heating requires only electricity, as long as the microwave power is controlled to achieve immediate heating or termination, without preheating. Application of human-machine interface and PLC can realize automatic control of the process.

4, heating evenly, improve product quality: microwave energy penetrates into the material inside, so that the material table generates heat at the same time, selective heating makes the material heating uniformity, no external coke endogenous phenomenon. As the surface moisture of the material evaporates continuously, the temperature of the surface of the material will be slightly lower than the temperature of the inner layer, and the temperature gradient formed will be directed from the inside to the outside, which is consistent with the direction of the vapor pressure migration and the direction of heat transfer accompanying the heating process. According to the material drying theory, this heating state is very beneficial to the drying of materials.

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