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Quality Control

Massalfa Microwave is a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights. It has obtained a number of practical new patent certificates issued by the State Intellectual Property Office, such as commercial microwave ovens, magnetron cooling water jackets and new microwave combined power supplies.
Massalfa Microwave has been awarded the title of “Contract-honoring and Credit-Reliable Enterprise” for eight consecutive years. In 2006, it was awarded “Quality Promotion Product” by China Light and Light Product Quality Assurance Center. In 2007, it was awarded “Shandong Famous Brand” and in 2008 it was awarded “Shandong Famous Brand”.

The company uses the world's advanced technology in accordance with GMP, FDA standards, manufacturing a new generation of Massalfa Microwave 915MHz, 2450MHz two series of more than 40 models, specifications of microwave energy applications. It provides high-tech equipment with advanced technology and reliable quality for many industries such as food, medicine, chemical industry and metallurgy at home and abroad. Its main technical indicators are at the international advanced level. Massalfa Microwave has cooperated with universities such as Shandong University, Dalian Polytechnic, Liaoning University and Jiangnan University to realize the transformation project of results, and has established long-term cooperation with Shandong Institute of Light Industry to establish an “production, research and research base” to achieve win-win cooperation. The main products are: microwave food drying, sterilization equipment; microwave extraction equipment, microwave chemical products heating and drying equipment; agricultural and sideline products preservation equipment, Chinese medicine microwave drying equipment, microwave sintering equipment, microwave laboratory furnace. To undertake a variety of application experiments, pilot scale production and comprehensive technical services.

Massalfa Microwave has first-class technical talents. The microwave products designed and produced from the selection of materials to the production process are comprehensively checked and meticulous. Each process has undergone rigorous testing and excellence.

Massalfa Microwave has become a partner of South Korea's LG brand microwave magnetron, an agent, with an annual sales volume of over 10,000.

Massalfa Microwave's commercial microwave ovens are widely used in food and fast food industries. The partners include Shenzhen, Dongguan, Changsha, Fuzhou, Shanghai and other fast food cold chain enterprises, product design advanced appearance, using variable frequency power supply, imported magnetron and other core microwave components, use Stable, and received wide acclaim from users.

Massalfa Microwave has a technical development team consisting of experts in the field of microwave energy applications, and is leading the development of microwave technology. The product range from ultra-low temperature to ultra-high temperature, providing microwave equipment for industrial applications. A one-stop solution.
Backed by complete hardware facilities and a strong production team, Massalfa Microwave serves the company with the principle of “maximizing customer satisfaction”. It has won high praise from all walks of life while creating a gratifying achievement for the company. Massalfa Microwave will serve the society with thoughtful service, strict management and unchanging commitment, and return your support with fast, high-quality development and design solutions!

Massalfa Microwave manufactures and sells state-of-the-art grease processing equipment based on strict internal management, high-quality workforce and reliable quality management system, including: biodiesel complete equipment, palm oil extraction equipment and other patented technology products. Based on the domestic market, the company provides high-quality and efficient service for the majority of microwave equipment users. While establishing a foothold in the domestic market, it has actively explored the international market and has undertaken several microwave equipment projects in Cameroon, Myanmar, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Japan, Nicaragua and Kenya.

Massalfa Microwave's self-developed 80kw microwave thawing equipment for animal oil thawing is put into use in a large meat group. After three months of stable use, it has achieved good expected results. Microwave thawing oil is the first in China, different. The dielectric constant of animal fats is not the same, so the temperature rise curve of different oils is different in the process of microwave defrosting. The defrosting of the oil needs to send the whole barrel into the microwave cavity through the traditional system. The opening of the device needs to be customized, and the requirement for suppressing microwave leakage is higher.

The microwave leakage of the large-opening microwave grease thawing equipment manufactured by Massalfa Microwave is less than 1mw. Highly recognized and praised by users, Massalfa Microwave has been at the forefront in the domestic microwave defrosting equipment industry in recent years. Thanks to the great love of our customers, Massalfa Microwave will devote more efforts to research and develop “equipment that can create value for customers”. In the work. Kehong Microwave sincerely welcomes friends to visit, communicate and negotiate!

Massalfa Microwave has strong technical strength, advanced equipment capability, exquisite manufacturing and installation technology, complete and strict quality assurance system and manufacturing management system, strong new product development capability, and a high-quality high-level engineering and technical personnel. Team. The company will continue to unswervingly follow the road of “developing strength with culture, leading the industry with quality, surviving with quality, and developing with credit”. Dedicated to provide customers with quality and efficient services, dedication to quality projects, the company is willing to cooperate with new and old customers from all walks of life to create a better future!