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Microwave high temperature sintering equipment

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Microwave high temperature sintering equipment
Ultra-high temperature microwave oven with advanced materials and technology, the maximum temperature can reach 1600 degrees, the inner tank volume is from 4 to 20 cubic meters, and small cabinet type high temperature sintering equipment or large roller kiln type high temperature sintering equipment can be produced according to requirements. Fully controllable. The heating element and the insulating lining material can be specially designed and manufactured according to the user's unnecessary experimental requirements.

Microwave high temperature sintering equipment The main products are: microwave drying series, microwave extraction series, artificial marble drying series, red dates drying sterilization fresh-keeping series, vacuum dehydration series, food microwave thawing series, battery material drying series, latex mattress, pillow drying series , ceramic drying stereotypes, food drying sterilization series, chemical drying series, wood drying series. Battery materials, rare earth and other series of drying equipment, including battery material drying equipment including large lithium iron phosphate drying equipment, 400KW / Taiwan, dehydration 400kg per hour, rare earth compounds and silicon molybdenum powder, polishing powder and other specifications of powder Body material. Fully integrate the power of the organization's industrial chain to provide our customers with new equipment for the right path. We will serve you with the purpose of "solving your problems for you".
Microwave high temperature sintering equipment Technical Data

1. Temperature range 1000 ° C, 1200 ° C, 1400 ° C, 1600 ° C

2. Effective volume 4 to 20 cubic meters

3. The voltage is 380V / 50Hz

4. Power 3kW-600kW
Microwave high temperature sintering equipment Features:

1, practical, cost-effective

2, easy to control, easy to operate and flexible.

3. Save time and high output.

4. Less energy consumption.

5. The production intensity is small and the land occupation is small.

6, environmentally friendly and clean. No pollution, no "three wastes" problem.

7, easy to control, advanced technology. Compared with the conventional method, the device is ready to use; without thermal inertia, the operation is flexible and convenient; the microwave power is adjustable.

Microwave high temperature sintering equipment Application industry: high temperature sintering, rubber cracking, mineral smelting.

Equipment application fields: tire cracking, rubber cracking, olivine, silica, talc, antimony ore, calcined gypsum, electrolytic manganese dioxide, fluorspar, diatomaceous earth, activated clay, high-phosphorus iron ore, kaolin, olivine.

main feature

1. Sintering is rapid, and the general product can be fired in just a few hours.

2. The quality of the sintered product is good, and there are no bubbles, no impurities, etc. on the surface of the product, and the quenching and rapid heat test is higher than that of the conventional liquefied gas and electric kiln. The double-layer furnace body can achieve low temperature on the outer wall of the furnace.

3. It can work in air, protective atmosphere or vacuum environment with high temperature precision.

4. There are a variety of temperature controllers.

5. Provide standard furnace type and design according to user requirements

6, high quality ceramic fiber insulation material, rapid heating and cooling
Basic product parameters:

Name: Tunnel continuous microwave equipment

Dimensions: about 10M*1M*1.7M (length * width * height)

Input power: >10km (determined according to production volume), the microwave power is stepwise adjustable.

Input voltage: three-phase five-wire 380V 50HZ

Microwave frequency: 2450MHz

Microwave high temperature sintering equipment Control system: automatic control, man-machine interface and PLC intelligent control, touch operation. Automatic constant temperature, free set heating time, holding time.

Detection system: The device detects the current working status in real time, equipped with humidity and temperature sensors.

Protection system: The equipment has independent protection devices and hierarchical protection to ensure safe production.

Feeding speed: using frequency conversion control, the feed and discharge speed can be adjusted at any time.

Suitable areas: drying, heating.

* Can make the right size equipment and increase the configuration according to customer requirements

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