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Nutrition Bar Machinery

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Nutrition Bar production line consists of sugar equipment, mixers, feeders, accessories, beaters, spreaders, cooling flow pumps, automatic dicers, chocolate coating lines, and packaging machines. The whole machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation synchronization, PLC controls the length of the cutting block, the seven rollers are flattened, the microcomputer controls the molding temperature, the molding is in good condition, the cutting length is accurate, the product weight is consistent, the whole machine is continuously produced, and the real grain on the grain bar is realized. Fully automatic intelligent operation. The equipment is a customized product, and the professionals are arranged to negotiate with the buyer according to factors such as the plant structure of the customer.

Main products: food machinery; imitation hand twist machine; roast bar production line; automatic frying pan machine; Shaqima production line; rice flower sugar machine; electromagnetic rice noodle machine; electromagnetic sugar pot; rice Maitong production machine by mixer , feeder, spreader, beater, spreader, cooling flow pump, automatic cutting machine, the whole machine adopts frequency conversion speed synchronization, PLC control cutting length, seven roller flattening, microcomputer control molding temperature, molding Founder is good, the length of the cutting block is accurate, the weight of the product is the same, the whole machine is continuously produced, and the real automatic intelligent operation is realized.

Nutrition Bar production line Scope: cereal bars, baked loaves, rice candy, melon seeds, peanut cake, sesame cake, egg tart cake, nutrition bar, hard shaqima, frozen rice sugar. Line; melon crisp, peanut crisp production line; automatic fryer; pine opener; vibrating screen; dough mixer; pressing machine; fried rice machine; large air extruder; puffing granulator; single stick granulator; Roll granulator; packaging machinery.

Nutrition Bar Machinery products:
Cerealsbar is a sheet-like and stick-shaped product made of high-viscosity syrup with cereals such as oats, rice and corn as the main raw materials. In addition to the main raw materials, the nuts and dried fruits are added to the products. Accessories such as candy and chocolate. At present, most of the domestically marketed cereal bar products are imported from abroad. The products are usually in a single layer form, that is, a flavor coating such as a chocolate coating or a butter-condensed milk coating is added by surface decoration, bottom support or whole package. Cereal bars have a long history of development abroad. It was once a common breakfast food in Europe and the United States. The nutrient content of cereal bars Although it is mainly carbohydrates, it has a high fat content and there is a problem of uneven nutrition. As people's living standards improve, consumers' awareness of dietary health continues to increase, and the positioning of cereal bars is gradually transformed from breakfast foods to snack foods. The cereal bar products have a sweet taste, crispy taste and are easy to carry. They are favored by many people and still occupy a large share of the food market. Although cereal rod products are very mature in foreign countries, they have only entered the Chinese market in recent years. At present, there are few types of products on the market in China, and the types and tastes of products are relatively simple. It is difficult to meet the needs of consumers for healthy and leisure diets.
Energy bars, as the name suggests, are rod-shaped foods that replenish energy. Also called energy sports nutrition food. Maybe everyone is not very familiar with it. It consists mainly of carbohydrates and proteins. Suitable for adults. It originated in 1985 and has a history of just over 20 years. It is the wife of a marathon runner – a sports nutrition food specially developed by a nutritionist. Although the energy bar started late, it has developed rapidly, both in terms of technology content and sales volume. In the United States alone, the sales of energy bars in 2002 have reached 700 million.

Cereal Bar machinery

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Varous grains cereals chocolate bar make machinery

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Pure oatmeal chocolate bar make machinery

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Automatic Cereal Bar machinery/Production line

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ChiLDi Bar Forming and Cutting machinery

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