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Massalfa Microwave is a professional industrial microwave equipment manufacturer specializing in the production of six series of hundreds of specifications, including drying, mixing, granulating, pulverizing and sterilizing. Industrial microwave equipment can be used for sterilization of food, chemical materials. Drying, microwave drying of agricultural products, high temperature pyrolysis, different types of products and production processes. Our company can design industrial microwave equipment for different applications. Our company has industrial microwave equipment test prototype, free on-site production operation, and provides one-stop technical service in combination with user products.

Specializing in the production of microwave drying equipment, microwave heating equipment, microwave sterilization equipment, microwave catalytic reaction equipment. With advanced production equipment and excellent technical team, it is a professional manufacturer of microwave equipment with large scale and strong technical strength. The company adopts scientific management mode and advanced technology to develop ISM international frequency 915MHz, 2450MHz two series, more than 50 models and specifications of "Yuehong" brand microwave energy application equipment according to GMP and FDA standards, various technical indicators Up to the international advanced level. Combined with microwave finite element method design and microwave network analysis and detection system, the microwave source and equipment are well matched, thus ensuring that the microwave equipment produced by the company is energy-saving, efficient and can work continuously for a long time. The company's microwave drying, microwave sterilization, microwave heating, microwave preservation, microwave extraction, microwave synthesis, microwave expansion, microwave thawing, microwave sintering and other products have been in ceramics, food, building materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, rubber, paper products, refractory materials. Industries such as agricultural products are widely used. To undertake a variety of application experiments, pilot scale production and a full range of technical advice and services. Since its establishment, the company has been dedicated to the application of microwave energy technology with its unique technical experience, design and development capabilities, good business philosophy and corporate reputation, and has achieved numerous successful achievements, stable product quality and perfect service. User's affirmation. All employees of the company will adhere to the business philosophy of "scientific innovation, integrity, quality first, service to excellent", and will provide you with high-quality microwave equipment and meticulous after-sales service. Jinan Yuehong Industrial Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. welcomes your presence and cooperation at any time to discuss cooperation!
Industrial microwave equipment for heat-sensitive traditional Chinese medicine solid preparations for low temperature drying

The working principle of industrial microwave equipment: firstly, the microwave is generated by the microwave generator and input into the microwave heater through the energy feeding device; the material is sent to the heater by the transmission system, and the moisture in the material is heated by the microwave energy. Evaporation, water vapor is removed by the dehumidification system to achieve the purpose of drying. The bacteria in the material are killed by the biological and thermal effects produced by the microwave electromagnetic field. Since the microwave acts directly on the material, the drying temperature is low, the speed is fast, and the loss of the active ingredient in the drug is small.

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large 915MHZ industrial defrosting equipment put into use in a large meat joint factory
2018 hot Microwave Commercial Meat Processing Equipment
The 915MHZ microwave defrosting equipment is widely used in the thawing of frozen beef quarts, sheep carcasses, various boxed meats and squid, frozen fish, frozen shrimp and other frozen products, and the freezing of frozen fruits such as frozen strawberries, frozen pears and frozen peaches. It is suitable for quick defrost terminator of imported meat enterprises, seafood processing and defrost processing enterprises of cooked food processing enterprises, frozen fruit storage and processing enterprises and chain catering enterprises.
industrial defrosting equipment Features:
1. industrial defrost speed is fast. industrial microwave defrosting equipment is simultaneous heating inside and outside, does not require heat transfer process, fast thawing, improves production efficiency, and greatly shortens thawing time. The bagged meat with a weight of 25Kg and an outer dimension of 600mmx400mmx150mm can be warmed up to -4 °C to -2 °C by microwave defrost equipment at around -18 °C in just 5-10 minutes. The processing capacity is related to the quality of the meat, which is related to the dielectric constant of the meat. The more fertile the meat, the greater the processing capacity of lean meat than the fat.
2. Thaw evenly. Microwave thawing equipment can cause heat to be generated by the electromagnetic field at the same time. Therefore, the uniformity of thawing is good, and there is no phenomenon of external heat and internal cooling.
3. The nutrients of the materials are not lost. Microwave thawing maintains the taste of thawed materials through thermal and biological effects, and nutrients such as proteins, amino acids and vitamins are not destroyed. At the same time, it has a bactericidal effect and improves product quality.
4, the material does not change color, reducing the rate of meat loss. Natural thawing and hydrolysis freeze will have blood water outflow, the meat loss rate is 5-10%, and it is easy to change color and mildew, while microwave thawing has no blood water outflow, the meat loss rate is less than 1%, and the product is preserved to maintain the original color after thawing.
5. The industrial defrosting equipment runs continuously and has high reliability. The thawing equipment can work continuously, and the special microwave excitation cavity and microwave circulator not only improve the microwave efficiency and uniformity but also prolong the life of the magnetron.
6, safety and health. Microwave thawing works in a closed defrosting chamber made of stainless steel, and the tank and conveyor belt can be safely flushed.

As The industrial microwave oven manufacturer supply commercial microwave oven 915MHz, 2450MHz two series of more than 40 models, specifications of microwave energy applications. microwave dryer provides high-tech equipment with advanced technology and reliable quality for many industries such as food, medicine, chemical industry and metallurgy at home and abroad. Its main technical indicators are at the international advanced level. The company has successively worked with Shandong University, Dalian Institute of Technology, and Liaoning University.
Schools, Jiangnan University and other universities cooperate to achieve results transformation projects, and long-term cooperation with Shandong Institute of Light Industry to establish "production, research and research base"


Our company on the basis of constantly absorbing foreign advanced technology, according to the technological requirements of different customer, self-developed a number of technology and equipment, to solve the problems for customer, also make the company in the field of food machinery technology innovated and developed. We insist on the principle of long-term cooperation, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit and is willing to establish business relations among every customer with our excellent products, good reputation and perfect service and common development with clients from all the countries.

Our Team

Our main machines are extruder, oven and fryer. The machine are capable of all kinds of snack food machinery, such as potato chips processing line, corn flakes production line, corn curls production line, breakfast cereals processing line, baby powder production line, textured soybean protein production line, mini instant noodle production line and others. We can also do pet food production line with fully automation and semi-automation. Also our machine can do fish and shrimp production line.