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Fish Feed/Pet Food/treats process line

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Pet production line equipment can be widely used in the production of dogs, cats, fish and shrimps, foxes, birds and various pet foods. It is an ideal choice for manufacturers with rigid requirements. Fish Feed/Pet Food/treats process line investment is small, the output is high, the floor space is small, and the degree of automation is high. The whole machine is processed with stainless steel. Keep it clean and tidy. The puffing granulation technique uses twin-screw extrusion technology.
The use of uniaxial quenching or double-axis differential quenching and tempering strengthens the quenching and tempering and further improves the ripening effect of the feed. The extrusion expansion mainframe structure innovation can adapt to various raw materials such as whole grains, soybean meal, fish meal, bone meal, meat powder, etc., and it is extruded at high temperature.
By adjusting the ratio of raw materials, processing temperature, moisture, extrusion pressure and other production processes can make products with different sizes, shapes, tastes and nutritional ratios, so as to adapt to various poultry (such as cats, dogs, foxes, baboons, rabbits). Etc.) and the breeding needs of fish and shrimp aquatic products. The feed product produced by the feed production equipment has the characteristics of uniform shape, high degree of ripening, rich nutrition, fine structure and easy digestion and absorption. It is an ideal choice for investing in plant to produce various animal feeds.

Due to the inherent characteristics of the extrusion extruder, the extruded feed product can have different degrees of puffing effect by adjusting the process parameters of the extruder. The post-expanded feed product has the following three advantages compared with the ordinary feed pellet:

1. Puffing makes the taste of the feed product more crisp and convenient for the livestock to chew.

2. The aging effect of the extruded product is excellent, which is equivalent to feeding the animal to the cooked food, and the nutrition is easy to absorb.

3. After puffing, the original specific gravity of the material is changed, which means that the fish feed produced by the feed equipment can be selectively floated, suspended, and bottomed after being fed into the water, thereby adapting to the fish in different water layers. food.

The puffed dog food contains a lot of water, and must be dehydrated and dried. The drying equipment with matching type of extruder is used to match the output, and the electric heating type, gas fuel type and steam heating type are selected according to the energy. According to the drying principle, ordinary belt drying and feed-specific belt drying can be selected according to investment requirements. The feed belt dryer has a high investment, large output and low energy consumption. Ordinary belt dryer has low investment and energy consumption is higher than feed special dryer

Flavoring process: The various flavors of dog food and the trace elements of different energy requirements are added to the surface of the granules during the seasoning process. Generally, dog food needs to realize the three functions of injection, spray and dusting through the seasoning equipment. According to the equipment that can achieve the seasoning function, there are an octagonal seasoning machine, a drum type continuous seasoning machine, and a batch weighing type oil-spraying seasoning machine. The small and medium-sized pet food production line uses batch mixing and seasoning machines, and the seasoning is uniform and the amount of addition is accurate. To meet the needs of different varieties of seasoning, automated operation, drum-type seasoning machine also has the advantage of continuous automated production, but the mixing time and uniformity is lower than the batch mixing seasoning machine.

Dry production process: raw material crushing - mixing - extrusion puffing - drying - fueling seasoning - cooling - packaging

Wet production process: raw material crushing - mixing - modulation - extrusion puffing - drying - fueling seasoning - cooling - packaging

Equipment configuration 1: Mixing machine-screw conveyor-modulator-double screw extruder-winding machine-dryer-double drum seasoning machine-cooling machine
Technical features:

The small feed pellet machine adopts a twin-screw extrusion system consisting of a feeding system, an extrusion system, a heating system, a transmission system, a rotary cutting system and a control system. The material is fed by the feeder, and the barrel is subjected to high temperature, high pressure and high shear to puff the material to achieve the desired quality requirements such as the tissue state.

1). Feeding, rotary cutting and main drive are all equipped with variable frequency speed control system, strong power, stable operation and energy saving.

2). The screw is made of alloy material through special process and has long service life; the segmented combination screw is suitable for a wide range of raw materials and more products.

3). Automatic lubrication system reduces mechanical energy consumption and prolongs service life.

4). The feeding system adopts double helix forced feeding, and the feeding is uniform and wide.

5). Linear bearing adjustment system, adjust the tool accurately and quickly.

6). The twin-screw has self-cleaning function, and the equipment is more reasonable and convenient.

7). Update the equipment technology equipment configuration is the twin screw extruder production is larger.

8). Different screw and length to diameter ratio can meet different production processes.

9). Visual automatic temperature control system to make temperature control more intuitive and more accurate parameters

Small and medium-sized pet food and food production lines are divided into two production methods according to the production process: dry production and wet production. Dry production is the direct expansion of the raw materials in the twin-screw extruder. This dry production is generally based on grain flour. Mainly, adding a small amount of cooked meat powder, the production capacity is between 100-200kg/h;
The wet production process is to add a preparation process before the expansion of the raw materials. The preparation is that the material and the hot steam are fully mixed in the modulator, and the 0.25MPA steam pressure is kept for about 3 minutes, and the protein of the raw material is matured and the starch is gelatinized. The amount of protein produced by the wet process is higher than that of the dry process, because the wet process has better gelatinization during starch preparation and has better viscosity and shape during expansion.
After adding a modulator to the processing of a dry extruder, the productivity will be significantly improved. It also reduces power consumption and mechanical wear.

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