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Modified starch Production line

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Modified starch is the original physical or chemical properties of the original starch after it has been treated in some way.
Modified starch is a modified starch. In order to improve the performance of starch and expand its application range, physical, chemical or enzymatic treatment is used to introduce new functional groups on starch molecules or to change the size of starch molecules and the properties of starch granules, thereby changing the natural characteristics of starch (eg, gelatinization temperature). , thermal viscosity and its stability, freeze-thaw stability, gel strength, film formation, transparency, etc., making it more suitable for certain application requirements. This type of starch, which has been subjected to secondary processing and changed properties, is collectively referred to as modified starch.

Modified starch Production line Data:
Third, the process composition:
1. Mixing machine: Mix starch (corn starch, tapioca starch, potato starch, etc.) alone or in combination with some additives, and add a certain amount of water to stir well.
2, feeding machine: using the motor as the power of the screw conveyor, the mixed raw materials are transported to the feeding hopper of the extruder to ensure convenient and quick loading.
3. Extruder: There is a special control cabinet. Under high temperature and high pressure environment, the modified starch granules are extruded, and the adjustment process and the replacement of the mold can produce different products.
4. Hoist: Transfer the granules to the oven. The height of the hoist is determined according to the oven.
5, multi-layer oven: the oven is an electric oven, the temperature is adjusted between 0-200 degrees through the control cabinet,
6. Grinder: According to the requirements of modified starch, choose different crushers to crush.
The modified starch production line is used as a colloidal stabilizer in beverages containing solid ingredients. Adhesives and Glues Tapioca Dextrin is an excellent adhesive for a wide range of applications including corrugated cardboard, paper bags, plywood, adhesive tape, adhesive tapes, labels, stamps and envelopes. Paper-modified starch is used in the paper industry to improve paper quality, productivity and pulp utilization. Cationic starch is used to flocculate pulp and improve wet end dewatering efficiency. As a result, higher paper machine speeds can be used and higher pulp utilization rates can be obtained. The starch retained on the finished paper acts as an internal sizing agent to increase the strength of the paper. Low viscosity starches, such as oxidized starch, can be used as surface sizing agents to increase paper strength and improve ink absorbency during printing and writing. Modified starch is also used as a binder in pigment coating to produce smooth, white, high-grade paper.

In the textile industry, in order to improve the textile efficiency, it is used as a finishing agent to produce a fabric with a smooth feel; it is used as a coloring agent to obtain a clear and wear-resistant printed fabric. For textile applications, the use of lightly steamed starch is more desirable. Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Modified starch can be used as a binder, extender and disintegrant for tablet production. Specially modified starches can be used as an emollient carrier, and typically such emollients are mineral oil based materials. Other modified starches can be used as emulsifiers, sealants (vitamins), styling agents (hair mousses) and thickeners (shampoos). Biodegradable materials Cassava raw starch and modified starch can be blended with petroleum-based or synthetic polymer materials to improve the biodegradability of materials, thereby minimizing the production cost of such environmentally friendly materials.
The purpose of denaturation is to meet the requirements of various industrial applications. For example, high temperature technology (canned sterilization) requires high viscosity viscosity stability of starch, frozen food requires good freeze-thaw stability of starch, jelly food requires good transparency and good film formation. The second is to open up new applications for starch and expand the scope of application. For example, starch is used in textiles; hydroxyethyl starch and hydroxypropyl starch are used instead of plasma; high cross-linked starch is used instead of talcum powder for surgical gloves.
The Modified starch Production line produced by our company has been professionally designed to adjust the cavity and screw structure, so that the functions of modified starch have been diversified. The modified starch series products are suitable for textile, food, paper, building materials, foundry, oil drilling and other fields. With the deepening of research, extruders will play an increasingly important role in the field of modified starch. The machine consists of a feeding system, an extrusion system, a rotary cutting system, a heating system, a transmission system, and a cooling system.

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