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Series development of fish feed production line and modification design of grinder system

2018-11-08 09:31:21
Series development of fish feed production line and modification design of grinder system

On the basis of comprehensive comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of various formulated feed technologies, and according to the technological characteristics of eel feed processing, the microwave drying machinery and equipment adopted the technological process of "pre-mixing-micro-grinding-secondary mixing". Practice has proved that the floating fish feed food processing line is economical and practical, which not only guarantees the processing quality, but also fully exerts the production capacity of the micro-grinder. Under the condition of batch mixing, the micro-grinder can work continuously, reduce the number of silos and shorten the process.

On the basis of guaranteeing basic technological process and service performance, various types of combinations of different functions and grades are provided to meet the requirements of different users. At the same time, the site design of "tailored clothes" can be carried out according to local conditions, so that users have a wide choice space. It is simple, safe and reliable to use "intelligent design, foolish operation" with sound and light alarm, safety interlocking protection and electronic analog monitoring devices. Users can grasp the operation essentials in a short time.

This is a variety of variants designed according to the different requirements of users. It retains the basic production process, but forms different combinations according to the installed capacity, production capacity, number of main machines, control type, mixer selection, batch weighing type and accuracy. The newly developed M SS I-1C production line in 1999 has improved the secondary addition process and layout of trace elements. It not only has a more compact structure and a more beautiful shape, but also has further improved the productivity and power consumption per ton of materials.

We have made improvements in two aspects: first, we have redesigned and selected the suction system and ventilation network, selected the high-pressure centrifugal fan manufactured according to the national standard to replace the non-standard suction fan in the original unit, guaranteed sufficient stable air volume and pressure, optimized pipe network design ensured minimum pressure loss, and secondly, optimized the internal of micro-classifier. Structural design, including grading impeller, blade type, blade number, body discharging structure and secondary air supply port structure, improves the air flow condition of micro-grinder and micro-classifier.