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Process control and operation of rice processing links

2018-11-09 11:39:16
Process control and operation of rice processing links

The variety of the quality of raw rice processing and the increasing complexity of the processing technology have promoted the continuous progress and development of the rice processing technology. This paper expounds the technological control and operation of rice processing links from the aspects of rice cleaning, separation of hulled rice from rough rice, milling rice and finishing of finished products. It can improve the microwave sterilization machinery and equipment of rice, correctly grasp the operational skills, make full, effective and rational use of rice resources, and process high-grade and high-quality rice, so as to achieve high yield and high-quality. The effect is of positive guiding significance.

Therefore, in the process of rice hulling, we must pay attention to the regulation and operation of each technological link.The impurities in raw rice will have a very harmful effect on the processing process and the quality of the finished rice. Therefore, the process of removing impurities in rice is an indispensable process in the process of rice processing. The task of this process is to effectively remove all kinds of impurities contained in rice, and to achieve the goal of "peeling on pure rice". The effect of this process will affect the quality of finished rice and the technological effect of peeling and milling rice.

Rice processing is a flow-based operation, and the quality of each link will affect the next link or the overall effect, which will lead to the decline of production indicators, and the frequent parking, resulting in unstable processing. The stability of rice processing is the basis of stable production index and product quality. It is very important for rice processing enterprises. It directly affects the appearance quality and commodity value of rice.

There are many factors affecting the working effect of the stone remover, so careful operation is needed. Besides controlling the movement state of the screen body and cleaning and maintenance of the screen surface, the main factors in operation are the workflow, feed state and air suction volume of the equipment. The difference between the amount of treatment and the design output of stone remover should not be too large.

Generally, it should be maintained at around 10%. In processing, attention should be paid to the flow control equipment at the front end of the working procedure of the stone remover so as to make the feed flow of the stone remover stable and appropriate. The flow rate of the suction stone remover is generally 60-75 kg/(cm.h), and the thickness of the material on the screen should be kept between 20-30 mm.