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Special rice processing for nutrition and health care

2018-11-29 13:12:27

It is the basic characteristic of Chinese people's diet structure at present that the plant food is the main food, the animal food is the auxiliary food and the heat energy source is the food.

For a long time, consumers eat the same staple food rice (rice), which is not scientific, and can not meet the nutritional needs of different groups of people, therefore, the development and processing can meet the different nutritional needs of different groups of people and has a certain health function of the special rice, it is imperative.

Special rice of nutrition health care lest panning japonica rice is advocate makings, at the same time collocation other rice kind, legume, dry fruit kind, vegetable kind, bacterium alga and medicinal food kind wait for a food,

those who pair of collocation and rice (advocate makings) cooked meal time "not synchronous" rice, legume undertakes pretreatment first, make its "synchronous", passartificial nutritious rice processing linebased on the reference dietary nutrient intake of Chinese residents (DRIs), the formulas of various varieties of special rice were designed and calculated and matched.

Special rice processing for nutrition and health care

Depending on the complementarity of protein, nutrient composition and nutrient quantity among various foods and their unique natural functions, they can meet the requirements of different populations for nutrient composition, nutrient quantity and health care function.withMicrowave sterilization machinery and equipmentBrown rice. Brown rice is the product in process before husking and whitening, and its content of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is higher than that of rice.

content of microelement zinc (6.83 mg/100 g) is the highest in cereal, reason has zinc-rich rice to say. Black rice is the best zinc supplement for children's cereal. Black rice also has health muscle embellish skin, ziyang beneficial kidney, bright eyes and blood circulation, spleen and warm liver and other functions.

Oats. Experts suggest that oats should become the "third main grain" of human beings. The protein (15.6 g/100 g) and calcium (50~100 mg/ 100 g) in oats are relatively high, and the vitamin B group is the highest in cereal, especially vitamin B1. The glucan in oat can reduce blood cholesterol not only, still have the effect that balances blood sugar. Eating oats can prevent cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Bran. Bran protein (15.8 g/100 g) content is high, trace element zinc (5.98 mg/100 g) content is second only to black rice, dietary fiber (31.3 g/100 g) content is the first cereal. Bran is ideal and economical as an "additive" to dietary fiber.

According to the different people, according to the formula can be with beans, mung beans, cowpeas, black beans, peas, soy protein.

Mung bean. Mung bean protein (21.6 g/100 g) content is high, amino acid species, rich in content, mung bean has heat clearing (toxic), diuresis and other functions.