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The application of natural pigment in macaron baking food was studied

2018-11-29 14:22:00

Baking food comes from western countries, is flour, yeast, salt, sugar and water as the basic raw materials, and then add the right amount of oil, milk, eggs, etc Macaron manufacturing machineBake mature food, nutrition is rich, modelling is beautiful.

Whether it's buying a staple food for your family or giving to a friend, it's a good choice.

Natural pigment, mainly byMicrowave drying machinery and equipmenThe species of plant pigments extracted from animal and plant tissues are relatively rich, mainly from vegetables, fruits and flowers, with soft and elegant colors.

According to statistics, there are dozens of natural pigments allowed to be used in baking food in China, such as turmeric pigment, cocoa pigment, green and black pigment, amaranth red pigment, chlorophyll, carotene, red kojic pigment and so on.

These pigments are natural in color, have the color and light taste of the natural extract itself, can promote people's appetite, is conducive to human digestion and absorption, is an important sensory index of food.

Natural pigment is not only natural color, safety, and has good nutritional value, to human health has certain help.

If the natural pigment of black basically comes from black animal and plant organization, besides contain rich human body to need amino acid, still have a variety of microelement, can reduce the happening of serious disease such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, cerebral apoplexy on certain level.

Purple natural pigment contains high phosphorus, so it has been paid more and more attention by researchers in the food industry. Chlorophyll zinc in chlorophyll can be used as zinc supplement for human body, which can not only enhance human immune function, but also promote the growth and development of children and improve their intelligence.

With the improvement of people's living standard, people's awareness of their own health care has been constantly improved, eating natural pigments will be more popular. Therefore, the research and application of natural food coloring in baking industry has become an important contemporary research topic.

Most popular with the public. For example, beta carotene in carotenoid pigments, as A nutrient, is now allowed to be added to children's food in some foreign countries to prevent vitamin A deficiency in children.

In addition, it also has a certain anti-cancer effect, but also can reduce the peroxidation of lipid, long-term consumption of cancer patients can prolong life.

Lycopene is a natural pigment found in mature tomatoes of solanaceae plants and one of the strongest antioxidants found in natural plants.

Science has proved that lycopene is far more effective than other carotenoids and vitamin E in scavenging free radicals, and can effectively prevent and cure various diseases caused by aging and weakened immunity.

The application of natural pigment in macaron baking food was studied