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New technology of "indirect cycle baking" processing of salted crisp peanut

2018-11-29 15:09:50

Salted crisp peanuts began to be produced in wanli period of Ming dynasty, mainly including wet baked salted crisp peanuts and dry baked salted crisp peanuts.

It is famous for its unique processing technology and fragrant, crisp and crisp flavor. Its products are exported to domestic and overseas markets. The annual processing capacity is 28,000 t, and the output value is nearly 300 million yuan.

New technology of

In order to standardize the processing technology and product quality standard of longyan salted crisp peanut, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, the original processing equipment and technology are reformed and improvedMicrowave heating machineryAnd so on aspect carries on the research, changes the direct baking to the indirect circulation baking, forms the new processing technological process and the product standard.

The operating procedures stipulate the quality standards of salted crisp peanut (including sensory index, physical and chemical index, microbiological index),Peanut baking and coating machineEquipment, process flow, process requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marks, labels, packaging, transportation, storage and other contents.

Wet roasted salted crisp peanut refers to the fresh pod of peanut harvested from the ground. After removing impurities such as roots, stems and leaves, the product is directly steamed and roasted within 12 hours in spring and 24 hours in autumn.

To clean. Fresh pod peanuts harvested from the ground are removed from impurities within 12 h in spring and 24 h in autumn. After selection, they are washed with water and then placed aside.

Cooking. Put water into the pot, add salt after boiling, salt content according to the amount of peanut 5% add, stir, make salt evenly dissolve in water, add drain water peanuts, water to just submerged peanuts is appropriate, add the lid of the pot, heat.

When the water is low, turn the peanuts up and down once, and cover again. When the water is boiling, remove the peanuts and drain.

Drying. After cooking the water drain peanuts into the pool of drying baked drying, beginning temperature of 65 ℃, time of 20 ~ 24 h. Turn peanuts up and down once every 3 to 4 hours. When the shell is dry and heated, the product becomes a semi-finished product of salted and crispy peanuts.

Baked. In the original pool of drying baking, heating up to more than 80 ℃, baking, baking about 24 h. During this period, turn the peanut once every 3 ~ 4 hours to make it evenly roasted, and then bake to the water content of the peanut in the pool

When it's less than 5%, turn off the heat and cool down.

Air separation. Remove roasted peanuts and use blower and conveyor belt to remove defective and impurities.

Selected. Impurities, small chaff grains, broken shell, residual fruit, chaff fruit and black-spotted shell fruit were removed by manual method. Then, according to the sensory index of the product, salted crisp peanut fruits of different grades were selected.

Packing and warehousing. According to the different needs of different markets, take different boutique packaging, and then warehousing.