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Donut machine

2018-12-11 09:37:09

Donuts are a kind of deep-fried dessert mixed with flour, sugar, butter and eggs. The two most common shapes are: hollow rings or closed doughnuts wrapped in sweet fillings such as butter and egg paste. Donut machine

The special doughnut machine for making doughnuts uses electric heating to form five doughnuts at one time. It has the function of timing prompt and simple operation. The golden and crisp doughnuts can be made in about 3 minutes. In addition, the thermostats, pumps and fans should be kept in good technical condition. If there are any faults, they should be eliminated in time. Microwave Heating Machinery and Equipment

Donut machine

See Compression Force to Check Leakage Cylinder compression force is a key factor affecting engine efficiency. Look at the method of compression force is very simple. Now take the S195 diesel engine as an example, that is, to rotate the crankshaft without decompression. When the compression force is large, then shake the crankshaft upward and loosen the crank, but the hand should not leave the crank. If there is a great rebound force at this time, it shows that the compression force is good, otherwise the compression force is poor. 。

The main reasons for leakage are that the cylinder is not sealed, and the non-sealed factors are: no valve clearance or too small clearance, excessive wear between piston and cylinder liner and piston ring end clearance, carbon deposit in ring groove, etc. In order to narrow down the search scope, when the engine is working, you can first close to the air filter to listen to whether there is a "hissing" bragging, if there is, indicating that the leakage is related to the valve; Open the oil nozzle cover of the filling machine. If a stream of smoke is found, it shows that the cylinder and piston, piston ring leak. After diagnosis, the fault can be eliminated. Look at smoke and smoke.

When the engine is working normally, it usually does not smoke or emit some light gray-white smoke, sometimes it is difficult to see with the naked eye. If the engine smoke is the performance of engine failure, this failure will also reduce the engine power, so we should check the smoke color. For example, black smoke is the manifestation of more oil and less gas in cylinder and incomplete combustion; blue smoke is the manifestation of excessive wear clearance between cylinder liner and piston, valve and valve duct, which causes oil in oil pan to rush into combustion chamber to burn engine oil; white smoke is the manifestation of gasification of fuel mixed with water and incompletely burned diesel oil from exhaust pipe, which should be found. Eliminate the reasons.