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Design and Innovation of Daily-use Ceramics from the Perspective of Talent Training

2018-12-13 16:13:09

As an important kind of ceramic products, daily-use ceramics are widely used in people's daily life. Especially ceramic tableware, tea set and coffee set are used frequently.

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Ceramic materials are widely recognized as dietary utensils because of their superior properties such as cleanliness, hygiene, heat preservation, acid and alkali resistance. Microwave Heating Machinery and Equipment

The key difference between domestic ceramics and other types of ceramics is that they can satisfy people's daily life and are often used in people's daily life.

In view of this definition, all ceramics products that meet this requirement can be classified as household ceramics products. Due to the unique properties of existing ceramics and the particularity and limitation of their production process, together with the existing ceramic production technology, the basic production of domestic ceramics is determined.

Scope of application. Food and beverage, storage utensils are the main direction of development and production of household ceramics. In ancient times, in order to survive, primitive human beings repeatedly coped with all kinds of harsh natural environment, through long-term struggle with the harsh natural environment, created a fire heating,

cooking food. In order to facilitate cooking and storage of their own food, gradually mastered the use of clay and fired ceramic technology. Ceramic catering and storage utensils, from primitive colored pottery, Han celadon to Tang Sancai, Song tea pottery, to Yuan and Ming blue and white pottery,

to Qing Dynasty colored porcelain, have been popular in people's life after thousands of years of development and evolution. Although its basic daily use has not changed, the change is the ceramic modeling style, product quality,

use is more refined, extensive and targeted. Regarding ceramic culture, professor Li Zheng'an, a ceramist, points out that ceramic design must satisfy people's needs of life, the influence of different productivity of life style and form the basic characteristics of daily-used

ceramics'modelling design around the connotation of ceramics and the richness of ceramics. From the tripod of primitive colored pottery to the elegant taste of literati, he became a model of traditional art and culture.

The glaze of official kiln, such as gelatin, ice cracking mechanism of Geyao kiln, color of Ru kiln like azure, printing and marking of Ding kiln, glaze of Jun kiln like Chaoxia, ice-like jade of Longquan kiln, blue glaze carving of Yaozhou kiln and colorful porcelain-making situation of Jingdezhen kiln were illustrated in detail.

Design and Innovation of Daily-use Ceramics from the Perspective of Talent Training

Essence. For the tea ware culture of Song Dynasty, Professor Hu Xiaojun, a pottery artist, combined with his years of research on tea drinking culture, analyzed the characteristics of tea dividing and fighting techniques and classical culture in Song Dynasty from a humanistic point of view, as well as the influence of tea drinking methods in Song Dynasty on the shape design of tea sets, and interpreted the relationship and significance between people's daily life style and the innovation of ceramic design.

All these are examples of the need for humanistic spirit in the development of ceramic art and culture.