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Processing Technology of Nutritional Enhanced Fish Ball

2018-12-19 09:10:52

Food industry is the traditional dominant industry in Henan Province, and it is also one of the pillar industries of key development.

fish pellet food processing line

Among them, meat products, grain and oil products, quick-frozen products are the best in the food industry, occupying a prominent position in the national food industry, but the processing of aquatic products in our province has been relatively weak.

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Henan Province is located in the Central Plains, with convenient transportation and abundant groundwater resources. The intensive aquaculture technology along the Yellow River Basin is in the leading position in China.

First level, but in recent years, with the declining of fish prices and the decreasing of aquaculture benefits, how to use freshwater fish resources in our province to develop fish processing products with high added value, and how to improve the economic benefits of freshwater fish aquaculture industry in our province is particularly important.

At present, due to various reasons, various chronic diseases and sub-health status are showing a high incidence, which has seriously affected the health of human beings in China and even in the world. How to change this situation from the aspect of daily diet and develop food with the functions of improving human immunity and health care has become a research hotspot of scientific researchers all over the world.

Fish balls are deep-processed fish surimi food with high added value, which is made from low-value fish and processed by rolling and shaping. It is welcomed by consumers.

However, the nutritional value of fish balls is relatively single and the processing level is low, which can no longer meet the needs of people's various nutritional combinations and industrial production.

Therefore, it is necessary to carry out research on nutritional fortified fish balls and their small-scale industrial production.

Development of nutrient-fortified fish balls and pilot production of small-scale industrialization

Processing Technology of Nutritional Enhanced Fish Ball

The spirit of serving regional economic and social development in "Some Opinions on Improving the Teaching Quality of Higher Vocational Education in an All-round Way", improving the practical skills and comprehensive quality of young teachers in Higher Vocational colleges, promoting the construction of "double-qualified" teaching staff, speeding up the transformation of aquatic products such as fish, increasing the added value of aquatic products, expanding employment, promoting agricultural growth and farmers'income, and promoting local economy Development plays an important role.