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Studies have found that the color of coffee cups affects human bitterness.

2018-12-19 10:48:03

According to reports, a new study found that when people drink coffee, the color of the coffee cup will affect their bitterness.

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White coffee cup can deepen the human body's bitterness and increase the bitterness of coffee.

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In this study, researchers reportedly asked subjects to drink coffee in white, transparent and blue coffee cups, and then recorded their feelings about the bitterness of coffee.

Researchers found that participants who used white coffee cups experienced "stronger" bitterness and lower sweetness than those who used transparent and blue coffee cups.

Psychologists believe that people generally associate color with taste, such as white and bitterness. The color of coffee contrasts sharply with that of white coffee cups, thus highlighting the bitterness. The use of transparent coffee cups can enhance the sweetness of users, while the use of blue coffee cups can enhance both bitterness and sweetness, so users will feel that coffee is stronger.

Researchers suggest that the coffee industry should consider and adopt this finding, because the color of coffee cups can affect consumers'multi-sensory experience of drinking coffee.

Previous studies have shown that if you put a cream dessert on a white plate, People will feel that its sweetness will increase by 10% and its palatability will increase by 15% compared with that in black dishes.

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Studies have found that the color of coffee cups affects human bitterness.