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Is it Safe to Heat Food in a Microwave Oven?

2018-08-25 22:29:07

Is microwave heating harmful to food? Microwave equipment company to tell us:
1, microwave oven watering dead plants test is not credible: Anatomy pointed out that if you put in the microwave oven is heated tap water, which is mainly water molecule H2O, there are two atoms of hydrogen and oxygen, others may also contain some minerals, how to heat It is also impossible to attack H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) as a harmful substance.

At most, the water is transpiration after heating, the salt content may increase, the CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the air is more soluble in water, and the water must be acidic. Even so, the plant It is also impossible to be poured, and the plants used for the test are particularly resistant to salt and acid.

2, microwave oven heating is easy to cause poor heat tolerance of nutrients: about heating food in a microwave oven, will lead to the loss of nutrients in the food? Microwave manufacturers remind us: This can not be generalized, depending on which food is heated in detail. For example, using a microwave to heat foods containing more vitamin C, such as vegetables and fruits, can lead to the loss of vitamin C, but if you use a pot to fry the same food, it will also lead to the loss of vitamin C, which is due to vitamin C The heat is relatively poor nutrition. This is the reason that some vegetables, raw fruits and raw foods will absorb more nutrients, because the nutrients they contain are not heat-resistant. However, in some cases, heating food in a microwave oven can bring many advantages. For example, after the food is heated and softened, it is beneficial to the body, especially in the elderly.

The principle of microwave oven heating is to change the electric field through the microwave attack device in the furnace, so that the molecules in the food rotate at high speed, bump each other, and generate heat to heat the food. In this process, the microwave is absorbed and fully converted into heat. Once the microwave oven is turned off, the microwave attacker stops the microwave and the microwave disappears immediately.

3, long-term heating of certain substances may be harmful: However, heating some specific substances in a microwave oven may cause damage. For example, for example, meat, because it contains more protein, and once the protein is overheated, simple episodes of carcinogens, such as ammonium nitrate. But this is the same as using a barbecue, and the charred meat may contain carcinogens. This is not a microwave problem, but a problem caused by excessive temperature. Another issue that is of concern to microwave ovens is the microwave radiation. Some experts in China believe that microwave radiation has proven to be harmful to the human body.

It is undoubtedly determined. However, after adopting appropriate protective measures, microwaves can be widely used in communications, remote sensing, etc., for the benefit of human beings. Harmful to the human body, there is currently no convincing basis. It is reported that high-intensity microwave radiation can burn the skin, and the eyes are more sensitive to it, which may lead to cataracts. However, the microwave oven has multiple safety to avoid microwave leakage.

The radiation generated by the microwave oven is even smaller than that of a general fluorescent tube. Within 5 milliwatts per square centimeter, this intensity is lacking to cause any damage to the human body. In fact, the microwave leakage of the microwave ovens produced today is lower than the national standard.