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Lean production improvement of S production line based on value stream

2018-11-10 09:46:38
Lean production improvement of S production line based on value stream

With the development of economic globalization and the increasingly fierce market competition, customers are demanding more and more individualized products, diversification and delivery time. Enterprises are facing new bottlenecks in development. In order to solve these problems, we must reform the enterprises, that is, abandon the past mass production mode, and develop to the flexible production mode of multi-variety and snack production line. At the same time, we must improve the quality of products while reducing the cost of products. Lean production is generally recognized as the best way to meet this requirement.

Lean production, referred to as "lean", is a new production mode represented by Toyota Company. It is a production mode that eliminates all the superfluous things in the production process through changes in organizational structure, personnel arrangement and operation mode, and ultimately achieves zero waste and establishes uninterrupted operation process. Microwave heating machinery and equipment is based on value flow chart. After the enterprise determines the value of the product, it eliminates the actions or processes that do not create value through value flow optimization, so as to realize customer value.

The production process of an enterprise is actually a process of value flow and increase. Value flow graph is used to study the flow of value flow of an enterprise, systematically acquire and analyze data, and according to the principle of lean production, find out the non-value-added part, eliminate waste, so as to improve the market competitiveness of the enterprise. In this paper, M company S brand dishwasher inner liner production line as the research object, from the overall perspective, using lean production tools to design future value flow chart, eliminate bottlenecks and non-value-added parts in the production process of enterprises, thereby improving the production efficiency of enterprises.

Pull-type production starts from market demand. The Production Planning Department of M Company formulates production information according to the customer's demand information, sends production instructions to assembly line, which sends out material-taking Kanban to pull the processing of parts such as A-plate, B-plate, C-plate, sealing frame, corner plate and water pipe bracket, and then needs it. The parts are delivered to the liner assembly line at the right time at the right time.

In the process of production, when there is a long distance between the two processes or other reasons that lead to the failure of continuous production, a "buffer supermarket" shall be established.