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Development and current situation of edible oil filling machinery

2018-11-10 10:01:52
Development and current situation of edible oil filling machinery

Although in recent years, China's oil processing industry has developed rapidly, but limited by the market and technology, the development of oil packaging machinery is relatively slow. Prior to 2006, high-end edible oil packaging equipment was mainly imported from abroad, and was basically monopolized by Weightpack, Sidel and Krones. Domestic production of low-end packaging machinery mainly based on volume or liquid level can only be achieved, and there is a big gap in technology compared with foreign advanced products. Subsequently, due to the importance of edible oil safety and the need of development strategy, edible oil packaging machinery showed a high-speed development trend. Some snack machine production lines with strong processing and manufacturing capacity in China have made leap-forward development of the overall production technology in China by introducing technology, digestion and absorption. Especially in recent years, domestic filling equipment has increased rapidly in the domestic market share. Roughly estimate that the proportion of domestic equipment has reached about 70% among the relatively high-speed filling equipment newly purchased by domestic oil and fat enterprises. The main imported equipment is bottle box testing equipment and a small number of high-speed labeling machines or bottle blowing machines.

According to the situation of small packaging production lines purchased by several major small packaging brand manufacturers in recent years, almost all of them are domestic filling equipment except bottles, box testing equipment and individual filling machines. In terms of canned hygiene, we should develop more microwave sterilization machinery and equipment in terms of filling accuracy. High speed, energy saving and automation are the inevitable trend of the development of filling machinery industry. From the point of view of market sales, consumers prefer small packaged products with small capacity and fast turnover, and the production capacity of the production line is gradually developing from low-speed to high-speed. The technology of 6,000 bottles/h high-precision weighing and filling production line is relatively mature. From the perspective of the development prospects of edible oil demand in China and the manufacturing technology of packaging machinery, The product of high precision filling machine with filling speed of more than 6,000 bottles/h and the integrated machine of blowing and filling will be the future development direction.

China's edible oil industry has experienced decades of development, product types and packaging forms have been greatly enriched, consumers are increasingly demanding packaging, which requires edible oil processing enterprises to demand new packaging forms, change, and improve packaging quality. Because of the different terminal products, the requirements for filling specifications are also different. The form of packaging products is developing in a diversified direction. The previously commonly used 5L bottled specifications can not meet the market competition needs. Some oil and grease enterprises even have more than 10 product specifications.