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Mechanical shell removal efficiency of peanut is high

2018-11-30 09:33:05

Peanut shellerIt's a machine that takes off the shell of a peanut and keeps it intact by spinning it around at high speed.

Normal operating layer of the machine. Quantitative, uniform and continuous feeding of peanuts into the hopper. Peanuts are repeatedly hit, rubbed and collided by the rotor. Peanut shells are broken.

Peanut sheller

Peanut kernels and the broken peanuts kernels under the rotation of the rotor of wind pressure and blow. Through a certain aperture sieve (peanut threshing with big hole mesh screen for the first time. After cleaning the small fruit peel away change into small L mesh shell for the second time). At this moment. Peanut shells, particles are rotating fan blow force, light weight of peanut shell was blown out of the body.

Through peanut kernelsMicrowave drying machinery and equipmentTo achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Shucking machine has certain requirements for peanuts (peels and fruits). Peanuts are suitable for dry and wet conditions. If they are too dry, the crushing rate will be high. If they are too wet, the working efficiency will be affected.

The peanut that can compare dry before unhulling is diffuse inside big pool, after diffuse immediately scoop out and cover with plastic film 1 day or so, air basks in sunshine again, wait for dry wet appropriate hind begins unhulling.

If the choice is in winter unhulled, before unhulled with 10 kilograms or so of warm water evenly sprayed in 50 meters

Jin PI guo is on, cover with plastic film 10 hours or so, next air basks in sunshine 1 hour or so to be able to begin peeling again.

In other seasons, the time to cover with plastic film is about 6 hours. The other operation methods are the same.

Farmers should pay attention to the following points when using peanut sheller:

Thoroughly inspect all solid parts of the machine before use, including whether the rotating parts are flexible and whether there is sufficient lubricating oil in each bearing.

Pay attention to check the power switch before use; Be sure to place the machine on the ground smoothly when using it.

Appropriate screen should be selected according to the size of peanut kernels.

After mechanical start up, the rotation of the mechanical rotor should be consistent with the reverse direction indicated on the machine. May idle first for a few minutes. Observes whether has the unusual sound.

Give peanuts evenly and appropriately during operation. Do not mix iron chips, stones and other sundries into peanuts to prevent them from breaking or causing mechanical accidents.

After using the machine for a period of time, it must be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned of dirt and dirt on the surface, including the residual particles inside the machine.

Machinery must be stored in a dry place where the sun will not directly hit it. Remember to remove the belt for safekeeping.

Mechanical shell removal efficiency of peanut is high