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Study on the promotion of exotic popcorn

2018-11-30 09:51:05

At present, the popcorn provided by cinemas is mostly American popcorn, with flavoring and additives. It tastes too sweet, and this kind of food is very harmful to health.

Chickpeas from xinjiang, on the other hand, can be made into exotic, chestnut-flavored popcorn that is flavorless, nutritious and a healthy snack.

Study on the promotion of exotic popcorn

With the development of Internet economy and the rapid rise of e-commerce, there have been a lot of "tycoons" in the snack direction. The well-known brands such as three squirrels, baicao flavor and liangpin shop are all excellent representatives in the promotion of new products. As a new snack, exotic popcorn can be used for reference in the promotion strategyIndustrial caramel popcorn maker, the uniqueness of exotic popcorn, in the promotion to form their own characteristics.

The promotion of new products under the market economy needs to analyze consumers' consumption psychology, understand consumers' consumption habits, take customers as the guidance, and choose the sales strategy after clarifying this direction. In today's society, consumers' consumption behavior is not only to meet their material life needs, but also to meet their spiritual life needs, the pursuit of personalization, through the use of a product, consumers win the recognition, respect and even worship of the relevant groups, so that they find a sense of belonging, pride and value.

Popcorn passMicrowave heating machineryThe processing taste is crisp and sweet. Many people will choose a bucket of popcorn and watch it while eating, which makes the movie watching more comfortable and more atmosphere. Popcorn does taste good, and it's made from chickpeas, a new variety not used on the market, and one that fits young people's quest for something new.

Its main audience is young people, most young people like to eat small snacks, such as the supermarket often buy puffed food for young people. They also buy popcorn snacks in their daily life. Young people nowadays not only pursue taste, but also pay attention to nutrition and health. Therefore, most people don't like sweet food, and there will be a lot of popcorn left after every movie.

The taste of chickpea popcorn is crisp, because it has the aroma of chestnut, it will retain its own flavor in the production process, and will not add a large number of flavoring agents to change the flavor of chickpea itself, so as to meet the needs of young people to pursue health and the original ecology.

Moreover, popcorn is mainly targeted at places where young people often take part in activities, such as KTV, cinema, supermarket, dried fruit store and so on.

The popcorn is medium in taste, not too sweet and greasy, causing discomfort to customers. There are also a small number of customers who are children, because children are naturally pursuing this kind of popcorn. Children prefer to eat sweet food, while exotic popcorn USES chickpeas, which are beneficial to human health, as raw materials. Chickpeas contain many trace elements and have many functions, which are beneficial to human health. As the parents of their children, most of them control the amount of puffed food they eat, so they must give priority to whether it is harmful to their children's health when buying popcorn.

Chickpea popcorn is marketed to children because it has the delicious taste of other puffed foods and the health benefits of protecting them. So, on that basis, chickpea popcorn has an advantage.