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Enterprise Mission of Intelligent Grain Drying Machinery Equipment

2018-12-18 09:38:24

The forum is sponsored by the Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education, the National Research Center of Agricultural Informatization Engineering Technology, Five grain Cereals Microwave Drying / Sterilizing machine

China Agricultural Mechanization Report, World Agriculture Journal and the Institute of Technology of Anhui Agricultural University.

Microwave drying machinery and equipment

It is co-sponsored by the Agricultural Machinery Administration of Anhui Province, Anhui Chenyu Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. and chairman of China Agricultural Mechanization Association, Liu Cao Chengmao, Dean of Engineering College of Anhui Agricultural University, delivered speeches on behalf of the sponsors respectively.

Duan Xianwu, founder of Chenyu Science and Technology, delivered speeches on behalf of the sponsors at the forum.

In this forum, Wang Maohua, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Academician of International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, published a report entitled "New Age, New Journey,

Thoughts on Promoting the Innovation and Development of Grain Drying Equipment in China". From the new journey of agricultural and rural modernization in the new era to the course of agricultural and chemical development in China in the new century, the "Made in China 2025" led China to the first system in the world.

Academic sharing has been carried out in four aspects: the development of big country to powerful country in the world, and the thinking of innovative development of grain drying equipment in China.

Zhao Chunjiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, published a report entitled "Strengthening the Application of Modern Information Technology and Improving the Modernization of Grain Drying Equipment". He believed that the informatization of agricultural machinery and equipment was the world trend of development.

Modern information technology of agricultural machinery equipment has been widely used in the design and manufacture of agricultural machinery equipment, production operations and management services, in order to improve the value of agricultural machinery equipment, improve operational efficiency and efficiency, and provide efficient and convenient operation and maintenance services.

The function of agricultural machinery informatization is to improve product value, ensure product quality and efficiency, ensure operation quality and efficiency, ensure collaborative work, maintain company brand, meet customer needs at the first time, and provide comprehensive and fast service.

In addition, he believes that the key links to improve the informatization of agricultural machinery and equipment include manufacturing informatization, product informatization, production informatization, management and service informatization and after-sales service informatization.

Domestic agricultural machinery needs to be improved urgently in connection with agricultural machinery and tools, which is quite different from foreign countries. Take the Netherlands as an example, the modular field bus measurement and control system based on opportunity CAM bus can be used interchangeably with Johndeer's products.

The academic exchange atmosphere of the forum is warm, and experts and scholars have made suggestions for the development of dryer industry. Liu Xian, president of China Association of Agricultural Mechanization, said that the dryer Market is still developing blindly and disorderly.

He hoped to further explore how to rationally develop the dryer Market and how to overcome the technical difficulties of online monitoring. Guo Jianhui, deputy stationmaster of Agricultural Machinery Testing and Appraisal General Station of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, said that grain dryers have maintained a relatively high growth rate in recent years, which is a manifestation of the process of realizing two hundred-year goals in the new era of China.

He believed that there are three reasons behind this rapid development: first, the improvement of consumers'demand for food and grain quality; second, the innovation of new organizational models, such as cooperatives Grain production and processing enterprises are the main demanders of grain production enterprises; third, the branding of agricultural products production

Enterprise Mission of Intelligent Grain Drying Machinery Equipment