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Fish meat cutter

2018-12-18 09:50:46

With the continuous development of non-staple food production, especially seafood production and the need for foreign trade, there is a growing demand for the use of individual small and low-grade seafish to increase people's nutrition and enrich family recipes.

pure fish meat and bone separator/fish deboner on sale/fish meat skin separator

The use of this kind of seafish meat for food has received great attention in Britain, the United States and Japan, and achieved good results.

Microwave sterilization machinery and equipment

Therefore, it is necessary to design a fish meat cutter with simple structure, small size, low energy consumption and suitable for township aquatic processing plants on the basis of research and analysis of foreign related models.

I. Structure and Working Principle Fig.

1 is a sketch of the structure of a continuous belt-drum fish meat picker, which consists of a meat picking mechanism, a belt pressing mechanism and a transmission system.

When the splitting fish enters between the belt and the stainless steel drum with holes, under the action of extrusion and friction, the fish is pressed into the small holes of the porous drum and discharged from the inner surface of the drum.

After separating the fish skin, the fish bone and the fish, the fish moves along the elastic belt and falls into the waste outlet. The tension of elastic belt can be realized by adjusting the swing of the roller group. The swing of the belt roller group is realized by the entry and exit of the bolt, which drives the rotation of the shaft

2. The machine is transmitted to the rotating shaft 6 by worm gear and worm reducer and chain drive device. At the same time, another chain drive device on the rotating shaft 6 transfers power to the shaft 1. This drive is shown in Figure 2, in which the bearing of the shaft 5 can be moved to tighten the chain belt.

The box body of the deceleration drive system is welded and all axles are supported in the box body. Meat harvesting is separated by stainless steel sheets from the box, as shown in Figure 3.

2. Meat picking mechanism is composed of a holed drum and a belt. The linear velocity of the drum in the meat picking part is 0.254 (m/s) and the belt speed is 0.254 (m/s). 0. 2497 (m/s), with a slight velocity difference, is conducive to the separation of fish flesh and bones.

The diameter of the holes in the drum has a great influence on the production capacity of the machine and the quality of the fish. According to the size of the fish and the freshness of the fish, the diameter of the holes in the drum can be selected in the range of 4mm to 7mm.

In order to improve production capacity, the ratio of the total area of small holes to the surface area of the drum should be increased as much as possible under the condition of satisfying the strength of the drum.

Fish meat cutter